Friday, July 20, 2018

Groove Life Review

Ever since I got my first silicone ring I have been in love. I'm not a big jewelry person but I felt bad not wearing any rings. So, I decided to surprise my husband at Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas during our Run Thru Wedding with our first set of silicone rings. Since this was a few years ago there weren't a lot of options. Now there are tons.

I was contacted by Groove Life about doing a product review and I was quickly interested. I checked out their website and was even more excited when I saw the different styles of their silicone rings. They had the normal solid colors, but also team logos, metallic styles and a ton others. I knew people would love these options.

I picked the copper band because I am trying to replace out a lot of my jewelry with rose gold or copper. It complements my skin tone really well and it's different, which I like. When the package came I was so excited that it came in a travel case.

The little metal tin has a padding on the inside and a cutout for your ring. This is great for me so when I travel and have to take my real rings, I can place them inside and not have to worry about it!

I also noticed very quickly that the ring was a lot thinner and lighter than my other rings. I didn't think that was possible, but see!

I put the ring on and haven't taken it off since. Literally. I have not taken it off. I have gotten so many compliments and I get asked all the time about my new ring. I make sure I tell everyone about Groove Life and all of the fun options they have.

I have had a lot of people ask about sizing. My other silicone rings are all a size 5 so that is what I ordered and it fits perfect. Not too tight and doesn't fall off. Like I said, I haven't taken it off. Groove Life has a great sizing chart on their website to figure out your size if you don't know. There is actually a size on the inside of the ring if you forget!

Plus! No matter what happens, they will you cover your Groove Ring with a NO BS Warranty! If your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, stuck in nuclear waste, eaten by a fish, or even LOST they will replace it! You can't go wrong at all!

I'm so happy I can share this awesome product with you all. My new friends at Groove Ring want to share the love with one of you! Check out my Instagram this weekend for a chance to win your own Groove Ring!

What Groove Ring is your favorite? Share below!

Disclaimer: I was provided with my Groove Ring in return for this review. All options are my own.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training - Week One

It's time to start! This week was my first week of training for my fall goal half marathon. I haven't followed a training plan in months. I haven't been running for a goal in months. I felt ready. I have the tools. It's just time to do it.

This week I ran four times and cross trained twice. I really wanted to set a good base for this training. I want to keep up the mindset that the easy days are easy and you have to work on your tempo days.

Five miles, easy

Tempo - 1 mile warm up, 6 minutes at 8:00 pace - 3 minutes recovery (three times), 1 mile cool down

Four miles, easy

Long run - eight miles

I also went to 6am class once this week and I really enjoyed it. I am going to try to make a 6am class again this week. I like having a little more time after work. Especially with the puppy coming!

Puppy update! We have a date! He will be joining our family on August 18. We are almost one month away! It is so nice having the date so we can make sure we have everything ready. Give me some of your puppy must haves!

This weekend we will be traveling to Chicago for Rock 'n' Roll Chicago. This will be my 30th half marathon. It's amazing to think about. I can vividly remember my first half marathon. I am such a different person. I love this journey and the fun adventures I have been on!

In some blogging news, my little corner of the internet has been named one of the Top 30 Personal Running Blogs of 2018! I'm very humbled and appreciate that even after a little break, the support from everyone is amazing.

Weekly Total - 22.3 miles
July Total - 49.3 miles
2018 Total - 481.8 miles

When do you start training for your goal race? Will we see you in Chicago?

I'm linking up with Holly and Wendy for the Weekly Wrap Linkup.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Thumbs Up...

When I was running yesterday I had something happen that really made me think. I was running some easy paced miles and a man was running in the other direction. He was running shirtless and I was in a sports bra. He gave me a thumbs up and I gave a nod.

I literally spent the next three miles thinking about this. Was he checking me out? Was this just his normal runner acknowledgment? Was he just agreeing with my outfit of choice? Why am I thinking so much about this?!

For the past few years I have really be focusing on being comfortable in my own skin. It's hard, but when you train in the summer, less is more and you cannot worry about letting it all hang out. I know I am not built the way I use to be. I put on some weight from the medication I was on last year and a general love of beer and pizza. Nothing drastic, all of my clothes still fit, but enough for me to notice.

Even at my smallest I never had a six pack. My thighs have always touched, even when I was under 100 pounds. I've always been self conscious, but when I'm running I don't think about any of that. It is one of the few times I am completely comfortable in my own skin.

That's the great thing about running. Running doesn't care if you like beer or drink a green drink every day. Running won't give you strange looks if you are wearing less or more clothes than everyone else. Running really just appreciates you taking the time for yourself and being the best version of you.

There comes a time in your life where you have to love yourself and your journey. If you are doing something everyday that you love and enjoy then you truly are lucky. You need to focus on those moments and not a small think like not being "beach body ready" or "not as fast as everyone else". Be excited that you maybe went that extra distance or you answered all of your emails. Those are some pretty great accomplishments.

So thank you guy for the thumbs up. I appreciate the support. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Last Week Before...

Crazy thing to think about, I start training next week for my goal half marathon! A lot happened this week so we need to talk it out.

It all, I ran 27 miles this week. Four workouts including a 14 mile run! We had a break in the humidity and I wanted to take advantage. I know I needed to get a super long run in before training started. I was glad I could do it this week.

I also did cross training twice this week. It was great!

Four miles with four friends on the fouth.

Four miles tempo

14 mile long rung

Five recovery miles

I talked with my new coach Toni and I am starting to train this upcoming week. I have so many feels. I am glad I am working with Toni this cycle. We have been through the same mental bits with running through the past few cycles. It's nice to have someone who gets it. We had a great chat on Saturday and I'm really excited to work with her.

So, I'm back on the focused training plan. The next few weeks I have some fun mental block posts for you guys and even a giveaway!

Stay tuned!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Guess Who's Back...

Well hello there internet! It's been a little while. I guess I have some explaining to do...

I have talked a lot about being burnt out after the Disney Marathon in January. I was still running, but nothing crazy. I really needed to take some time and silently get myself back.

How do you do that? You take a blogging break.

How does this relate? Well, besides talking about running and running, writing about running can be hard when you really don't feel like you are doing it right. I wasn't to the level where I thought I should be and it was hard. I'm very thankful for my friends who helped pull me out of my funk. It took a really long time, but I can honestly say that I'm back!

I set a goal for June to run at least 75 miles. I have been really bad with running consistently this year and wanted to make it a goal. Well, not only did I hit that goal, I CRUSHED IT! I hit 103 miles for June and I feel great.

I have also been cross training twice a week. I have been going to 3Minute Fitness and I really enjoy it. I have upped my weights on every station and have really been noticing a difference in my abilities. I'm really happy with how things have been progressing.

I also decided I was in a good enough place to try to set a fall goal. I knew I wanted to return to the race where I hit my half marathon PR in 2014, but what kind of goal was I going for? How was I going to get there? I had a lot of thinking.

I decided what was best for me was working with a new coach. I am going to be working with my friend Toni and Relentless Runners for this training cycle. I'm aiming for a sub-1:50 goal time and we both think this is a super smart decision. I don't know where I'm going after this, but it is a start.

So that's a quick follow up on the last month. I'm committing to blogging again to keep myself on track. That's why I started this blog to begin with. Here are my July goals!

1. Run at least 80 miles
2. Continue with cross training
3. At least one morning run a week

I'll be running Rock 'n' Roll Chicago in a few weeks and it's going to be a great girls weekend. Training really starts in August and I'm hoping you all stick around for the ride.

In other non-running related news, WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY! Our Golden Retriever will be joining our family in August and I cannot wait! Be ready for puppy pictures, I promise they are coming!

Remember, you can follow along on my journey here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! I love connecting with all of you.

How was your June? Have you decided on fall goals?