Friday, May 27, 2016

Five Things Friday 5.27

Happy holiday weekend everyone! I'm only off on Sunday, but that's alright! Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays because it is the unofficial start of summer!!! Summer is my favorite season, not just because my birthday is in June, because I love all the daylight and being able to play outside!

I am linking up with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney for my Five Things Friday this week. The fourth Friday of the month is a free week. I decided to continue with being excited for summer, I wanted to share with you all five of my favorite summer adult beverages! Summer beers are my favorite, which is another love for the season. Here are a few of my favorites for you to enjoy this summer!

1. Hell or High Watermelon - 21st Amendment Brewery

So this might be number one because I am currently enjoying one as I'm typing. This is a light beer with an awesome undertone of watermelon. I have not found it in bottles yet, but even in a can it's really good.

2. Summer Love Ale - Victory Brewing Company

First off, Pennsylvania brewery love. I was introduced to this beer by a friend a few years ago and I fell in love. It's a golden ale that you can drink with your favorite summer picnic foods. Plus, the label is super cute.

3. Strawberry Wheat Ale- Lancaster Brewing Company

Hubs and I bought this beer in a mix and match pack. While we were in Harrisburg for a wedding last weekend there was a Lancaster Brewing Company brew pub right down the road. This beer was on tap and it was amazing! I was so happy I had one at home. It's an American wheat lager and has a nice hint of strawberry. If you can find it, get it! You won't regret it!

4. Heavy Melon Ale - New Belgium

I talked about this beer a few weeks ago. Another gem from the mix and match pack. Not only is this a watermelon beer, it has a hint of lime as well. Completely different from Hell or High Watermelon, but so crisp and refreshing. This is the perfect beer to have with a few friends a sit outside. The great addition to summer.

5. Babbling Blonde - Rivertowne Brewing

A local brewery for me, Rivertowne makes a few really good beers, but this one is my favorite. I am a huge fan on blonde ales. The fact that I can get this from the brewery makes me very happy. Again, super light and crisp makes for the perfect summer beer. It is also the type of beer you can enjoy after a race with a few friends. Not overly sweet and refreshing.

Again, happy holiday weekend everyone. Be safe out there and remember to be kind. There are a lot of people who have to work on holidays (me!) and would much rather be spending time with family and friends!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rent The Runway Review

If you are like me you HATE shopping for dresses. I think it's knowing I am only going to wear them once and it will just sit in my closet. When I found out I had two weddings in a month, I was on the search for two great dresses. Well, as my luck would have it, I could only find one I liked. I was in panic mode.

My girl Lauren shared an app with me called Rent The Runway. This website/app has TONS of designer dresses that you can rent for an event, and then send it back. It doesn't sit in your closet and it saves tons of time from wondering around the mall trying to find the perfect dress. I'm in!

When you register for RTR you are asked a few questions about your build. This will help when you review your choice for others. There are also a few questions they ask about the event you are attending, the style you are looking for and when you need the dress. From those answers RTR give you a few options to start with.

So as you scroll through RTR you can save dresses you like by pressing the heart at the top of the dress. 

If you see a dress you aren't sure will look great on you, just click on it and see the TONS of reviews. There are pictures of ladies who are REAL, not models, so you can tell how it will look on someone like you. The review tabs at the top list the height/weight/bust of the reviewer, and what size worked best for them.

This is the dress I decided on.
When I chose my dress I read all the reviews, and decided to take the dive. You can chose to rent your dress for four or eight days. I rented mine from Thursday to Sunday. As I'm entering my information I noticed something super cool, they offered two sizes for the same price! That way if you are usually between sizes, you have that option. I also added $5 on for insurance just in case something spilled on it.

Okay, so say your dress comes in and you HATE IT or it just doesn't fit at all. RTR has an option for that too! For a small fee they will overnight you another dress that is available. 

My dresses came on Thursday. They came in a nice travel bag, which was super helpful for traveling. Also included in the bag was a return shipping label. You just replace the label with your address on it and boom, off it goes.

Instantly I needed to try this on. This dress fit like a dream! I was so excited! I cannot tell you how happy I was!

I took both dresses with us to the wedding, just in case. Guys, it was a hit! I had people complimenting me all night. I even had two women come up to me on the dance floor needing to touch it.  

To return it, you take the bag to the UPS Store or drop off and it goes back. Since I rented the dress Thursday through Sunday, I had until Monday at Noon to get the dresses to the UPS Store. 

That's it! It's so simple! I rented this dress for $40 and it retails at $400! The best part about it, IT ISN'T IN MY CLOSET!! I don't have to feel bad about never wearing this dress again! I have so many plans for renting more dresses for event coming up. This is so easy and I am so mad I didn't know about it earlier!

I also wanted you guys to save some money while using RTR. Click here for my referral code to take $20 off your first rental! It really is that easy!

Rent The Runway did not ask me for this review, it is all my own. I really felt the need to share this all with you guys!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Five Things Friday 5.20

First off, how is already the third Friday of May? We are having fall like weather here in Pittsburgh and this is just crazy to me that it will be June soon! Now that I got that out: Hi! Happy Friday! After taking a few weeks off I am back with a new Five Things Friday. I will be linking up with Cynthia, Mar and Courtney for this weeks post.

The third Friday of the month is all about favorites. I wanted to share five of my favorite race shirts! Now, race shirts often get a bad rep because of a few different reasons. My big deal with most of them is the fit. Not a problem for the races, just my build. These five shirts are my favorites for a few reasons.

1. 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon.

This is my favorite race shirt. Who doesn't love a shirt with Mickey on it! It is also long sleeves, which are my favorite kind of shirts to wear. Plus it has all the parks you ran through during the race on the sleeve. The fit is perfect and it's a fun color! It is my favorite race shirt.

2. 2012 Philadelphia Half Marathon.

There is something about your first big race, shirt. Even though the cut isn't exactly the best, I loved seeing this shirt on the course because the race map in on the back. It was so nice to sorta know where I was during the race. Even though I HATE when people wear the race shirt to the race.

3. 2015 Akron Half Marathon.

This race shirt is just so good. Even though it's white, I love the blue on it. It fits me perfectly and is just perfect to run in. It is a sleek design, very simple. It has quickly become by go to throw on shirt.

4. 2015 Tinkerbell 10k.

The color of this shirt is everything. I adore this shirt! I haven't been able to match it with anything and it makes me sad. This shirt is my emergency bag shirt. I just love it so much.

5. 2013 Pittsburgh Marathon.

If I excluded my first marathon shirt from this list I would be sad. This race was three weeks after the bombing in Boston, so of course the shirt was blue and gold. Every year on Boston Marathon Monday I wear it. I still can't believe I ran a marathon some days, and on those days I wear this shirt.

Happy weekend everyone! We are off to a wedding this weekend and I'm so looking forward to the entire weekend!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wisdom From The Running Store: Part Three

This is the third installment of my monthly blog series Wisdom From The Running Store. Each month I take questions either emailed or tweeted to me and answer them for all of you. This series is to show you that everyone has questions, I'm just happy to be able to help!

This question is from Teil. It's a good one!

"Summer is coming and so are shorts. Let's talk about chafing."

Yes Teil, let's talk about chafing. Guys, chafing is real. Everyone chafes. Some just chafe in different places. Most commonly people will chafe between their legs from the friction of the skin rubbing and the sweat together. I chafe under my bra band, which is a whole different experience if you have never felt it. 

There are two ways you can deal with chafing. One is Body Glide. 

Body Glide goes on like deodorant. Simply apply it to your problem areas and continue with your usual activities. Fun life hack, if you are going to be running in the rain - put Body Glide on your feet to prevent blisters. 

Vaseline will also help during a race if you start chafing. Usually they are what is on the pop sickle sticks when you run by a med tent. Reasons why you are told to not eat what's on the sticks. 

The other product I have used to help with chafing is baby powder. Back in the early 2000s when I was in high school, we would use baby powder for our chafing issues. I would also put it in my sports bra to stop the sweating. Hey, girls gotta know these things! 

In short, everyone chafes. Don't let anyone tell you they don't. In the summer, Body Glide and baby powder should always be with you. You never know when you will need it! 

Thanks Teil for the question! If you have any questions you would like answered please ask! You can email me or tweet me your questions. I'm always happy to help!  

How do you combat chafing? Any other tips?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Week That Was: 5.16 - 5.23

This was the first week of a pretty crazy next few. We had a wedding this weekend so I needed to make sure I could adult enough during the week and get everything done.

Since I didn't run on Sunday, I made myself run on Monday. I really wanted to try out my new Hoka Clifton 2, so I decided on four easy miles. It felt so nice to just go. The sun was nice but the breeze was not. The shoes were great! It's weird, I didn't notice much of a difference between the Hoka and my Saucony Ride. Maybe I need more runs to really tell a difference. 

I also did the first workout of the week from my "Quick Strenght For Runners" book I received from Velo Press. I'll review this book in the next few weeks for you guys. 

Tuesday it was time to hit the track! Coach Mark gave me a fun workout to do. Lauren Fleshman shared it on Strava, it's call Taylor Swift. Mainly because you need to shake it off. This workout looked so fun! 

1 mile warm up
400x4 (1:47 goal) w/ 1:00 rest
(1:42 1:41 1:42 1:41)
One lap recovery 
300x4 (1:23 goal) w/ 45 sec rest
(1:14 1:15 1:11 1:16)
One lap recovery
200x4 (53 sec goal) w/ 30 sec rest
1 mile cool down. 
Total: 47:24 - 5.08 miles 

Wednesday was rest day, and I was super excited for that. I ended up working all day, but it was fine. 

Thursday should have been a long run day for me. Lucky for me the weather was finally warming up. I felt like crap and stopped at five miles. My legs were tired. It was hard, but at least I got five miles in. 

Friday we were off to our friends Sarah and Matthew's wedding!!! The weekend started with joining our friends at a Harrisburg Senetors game. I may not have seen most of the game because I was chatting! It was such a fun evening! 

Before the wedding on Saturday the bride and groom each hosted a 5k fun run. I decided I would run both and do a mile in between, for a total of seven. Of course it rained, but it was so much fun to spend time with my friends. 

The wedding was awesome. We all could not have been happier for our wonderful friends. It was a beautiful ceremony and a rocking reception. I am so grateful to have these people in my life. 

Of course Sunday was a travel/recovery day so there was zero running. We had a fun breakfast with the crew before we headed out. 

Summing up, I had four runs this week that totaled 21.1 miles. I'm feeling good coming into June and really focusing on more consistent training.