Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Training - Week 12

This week was different because I was going out of town for the weekend. I had to get all of my workouts done by Thursday. Let's also add in some allergy issues and it really made for some fun.

Monday I had four easy miles around my neighborhood. There's a story here about a flock of turkey and a lady trying to warn them to stay out of her yard. Yep, this happened.

Tuesday I had a super tough track workout.
1 mile warm up
200-400-1000 x3 Goal paces - :54 1:48 4:31
(:52 1:42 4:38)(:51 1:44 4:40)(:47 1:47 4:40)
recovery in between
1 mile cool down
7.5 miles total

I was really proud of how consistent I was for this workout, even though I didn't hit my 1000m splits. This workout wrecked me. I was so drained and my allergies were really starting to bother me.

Wednesday I knew I needed to skip my run. My legs did not have it and I felt just bad. So, I did some strength work and headstands.

Thursday after work I had to do my long run. I was really congested and just took it slow. I did my eight miles and as soon as my heart rate lowered back down I was shivering. I did not need this at all!

I was not going to let feeling terrible ruin my weekend. It was my best friends wedding weekend! I did my bridesmaid duties and got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people. It was awesome.

Weekly Total: 19.5 miles
August Total: 35.6 miles
2017 Total: 689 miles

Back  to the normal routine this coming week. I'm very happy about that. I am hoping I start feeling better soon and can really start to focus. Marathon training starts in a few short weeks!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tips to Getting Out of a Running Rut

Hands up if you have been in a total running rut. Right here friends. For me, I usually get in a running rut after I accomplish something. Maybe it would be finishing a goal race or coming back from a sickness or injury. Life happens people, we do not get paid to do this - but if this is something that you want to do for fun, you need to know how to make it fun again. Here are a few tips that have helped me break out of my running rut.


1. Buy Something - If I spend money on something, it's a big deal. So if I am in a running rut, I'll buy some new running gear. Maybe a pair of socks or some sports bras. Something that will encourage me to get out there and use them.

It's the little things that make me happy!

2. Sign Up For A Race - I know if I am focused on a task, my mind will get in the zone to accomplish that task. If I commit to a race, I am going to train for it and make sure I cross that start and finish line. It can be a 5k or a marathon, just a commitment.

3. Join a Group - If you are a runner and on Facebook, you can find a group run. I know I get the invitational all the time from a ton of local running stores. Heck, reach out to a local runner you follow on Instagram. You never know who is also looking for that little bit of extra motivation.

This run happened because of an Instagram message!

4. Work With a Coach - People are running coaches for a reason. They have seen it all. When I was having a really hard time getting motivated this summer I reached out to Kristen. She was going to be doing my training plan for Disney but then suggested her Elite Running Academy. It was six weeks and I would start marathon training right after. It was exactly what I needed and kicked the running rut for sure.

<3 <3 <3

5. Let Yourself Be Inspired - A lot of people talk about how rough social media can be. People comparing themselves and not thinking they are worth it. Guess what, if you lace up your shoes and take some steps forward, I am inspired by you. Seeing people who are overcoming the odds make me so much more motivated to show what all I can do. Please keep sharing your journey and do not let anyone stop you!

You never know what friends you will meet!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you if you are struggling with your running rut. Just know you are not alone. We have all been there. Just keep in mind that if you have done it once, you can do it again!

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What is your favorite way to break out of a running rut?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tunes Tuesday - 8.8

Welcome to the Tunes Tuesday link up. I co host this link up with Kim from KookyRunner and Janelle from Run With No Regrets. If you are new to the link up all of the information can be found here. We hope that you will join us!

You can join in any week you would like! I am going to be doing a post every week of the month, so I can share a bunch of tunes in the same topic for you all! The topic for August is End of Summer Jams. 

Last week I shared some jams from when I was in high school. You can check those out here.

This week I was thinking back to some of the fun summer memories I have had growing up. I know growing up in a small town, the other kids in my neighborhood helped make me the person I am today. We would stay out all day and when the street lights turned on it was time to go home. We would watch MTV and blast a radio on someones porch. Those were the best summer days. 

So, I present to you some great late 90's early 2000's music we would enjoy in the neighborhood!

Len - "Steal My Sunshine"

Sugar Ray - "Fly"

Mandy Moore - "Candy"

S Club 7 - "Never Had A Dream Come True"

Vitamin C - "Graduation - Friends Forever"

LFO - "Summer Girls"

Britney Spears - "Sometimes"

N*SYNC - "Tearin Up My Heart"

Backstreet Boys - "The Call"

Hanson - "Where's The Love"

I'm hoping these end of summer jams take you back to the fun you had with the kids in your neighborhood! Be sure to add your end of summer jams to the link up below! You still have a few weeks left in August to share with us! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Training - Week 11

This was a great week! I did so much this week, I'm not sure how I found enough hours in the day. Everyday was productive and moving forward towards the start of marathon training.

Monday I did a brick workout of an easy four miles and a strength workout. These workouts are starting to feel normal, which is a good thing!

Tuesday was a run bias workout. My commute home on Tuesday was really bad and I was not looking forward to working out. I'm so glad I did it. I was so sweaty and shaky when I was done. It was a really great workout.

Wednesday I woke up bright and early for another brick workout. I rode the bike for 30 minutes and then another strength workout. I actually really like these Wednesday workouts. I feel like it breaks up my week.

Thursday was another long commute home. I thought I was going to have to do my tempo run on the treadmill. Thankfully, hubs wanted to go ride his bike and that forced me to go run outside. Here was my workout:

1 mile warm up
2 x 2 miles @ MP (9:00 goal - actual 8:52, 8:43, 8:36, 8:02)
2:00 rest between reps
1 mile cool down
6 miles total

So as you can tell, my splits were a little off. I actually thought I slowed down on those last two miles. I didn't look at my watch because I wanted to try to feel my pace. Whoops.

Friday I woke up early for a three mile shakeout run and a 15 minute strength workout. It was fine, but I felt tired. Totally to be expected.

Saturday I met Maddie for a nice seven miles. I ran two miles solo and then five with her. The weather was amazing and I loved getting to run with Maddie. It was a lot of fun!

After the run I met some of the Western Pa Oiselle girls and we did some stand up paddle board yoga. It was different but a really fun experience. Yes, I fell in and yes I laughed. I recommend trying it out for sure!

The final thing I did on Saturday was CUT MY HAIR! I finally realized how long my hair has gotten. I haven't gotten a significant amount of hair cut off in about seven years. I cut six inches off and I feel ten pounds lighter!

Weekly Total: 20 miles
August Total: 16 miles
2017 Total: 669 miles

I am still in shock that marathon training starts in a month. This is crazy! I'm loving my decision to join the Elite Running Academy. I am learning so much and building myself up for marathon training. I do have a promo code if you want to join the next one. You can save $20 by using promo code RUNSTEFF. If you are in a running funk, need a reset or just want to learn some new things - I cannot recommend the Elite Running Academy and Kristen enough! 

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What was your best workout this week? What did you do for yourself this week?

Friday, August 4, 2017

Run Gum Review

If you are like me, you have heard of Run Gum before. It's everywhere! I have seen it, heard about it but can honestly say I had never tried it. I got an email from Run Gum a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in letting you all know what I thought about it. Yes! Count me in!

Okay, for those who have not heard of Run Gum or heard of it and really don't know what it is, let's get to it. Run Gum is a chewing gum that is made with Caffeine, Taurine and B-Vitamins. It is pretty much everything you love about an energy drink without the water. Run Gum is zero calories, sugar free and since you absorb the ingredients - they get in your system five times faster than a normal drink. Oh, and it was created by Nick Symmonds and who doesn't love him!

Think about it. How many times have you been an hour from the end of your work day and you start yawning. Then you remember how much you need to do when you get home. A workout, make dinner, a pile of laundry - all of those adult responsibilities. Instead of grabbing a sugary soda or hours old coffee, you can chew a few pieces of Run Gum.

There are a few flavors of Run Gum: mint, cinnamon and fruit. In each individual packet there are two pieces of Run Gum. I like that they are individually packaged like this so I can leave one in my purse. Hey, you never know when you need a pick me up! On the package it is explained that one piece of Run Gum equals a can of soda and two pieces is equivalent to an energy drink.

Since I am usually a one cup of coffee a day person, I tested out Run Gum on an early morning workout. In the summer months the last thing I want after a workout is a cup of hot coffee. I was excited to see how Run Gum could help fill the void. I decided to try the mint flavor.

To my surprise, it just tasted like gum!  After a little bit there was a bit of a strange flavor. Since it is straight caffeine, Run Gum has a little different flavor than normal gum. It wasn't anything bad and it went away after a little bit. I think the thing I noticed the most was the size of the piece of gum. It was a little larger than I expected, so I started chewing half at a time. I didn't miss my beverages at all. It was really nice to be able to cut that out of my already rushed workout morning. If you are someone who really needs that extra kick, I really think you will like Run Gum. I will start carrying some around with me for sure. Like I said, you never know when you will need a pick me up!

The folks over at Run Gum were nice enough to give you all the opportunity to win a variety pack box of Run Gum! Not just any box, this one is autographed by Nick himself!!! Seriously guys, I wanted to keep it for myself but I know you will all appreciate it as much as I would.

Here is how to enter. The giveaway will be held on my Instagram page starting Friday August 4, 2017 at about 6am eastern. It will end Sunday August 6, 2017 at 11:59pm eastern. One randomly selected winner will be announce that Monday morning!

So good luck, and be sure to check out Run Gum for yourself! You can save $5 on your order with my link here!

Disclaimer: I was provided this product to test by Run Gum. I am in possession of the giveaway prize and will send it out to the winner. All opinions are my own.