Monday, August 5, 2013

A little tweak...

Today's Training: 5 miles
Yearly Total: 601 miles

The first Monday in August is always a very interesting day. It is the first day of practice for the high school cross country runners. There are a few schools that train out at the lake that I choose to run around. It is very hilly and a really good workout. 

Last year, during the first week of August, I actually found myself getting caught up in some of the practices. Even though I am in my mid-20's, I do look younger than I am. This year I ran in the opposite direction, trying to just focus on my run. 

Today I wanted to average under a 9-minute mile. First four miles, no problem. Actually, it was even a little under that. 

Right before the end of the fourth mile I knew I stepped weird. When you are a runner you are very in tune with your joints. You know when things are just not right. This wasn't right, and of course, the final mile is a total hill workout. This, of course, ruins my wonderful pace. Final mile was about 9:30. 

Even with a bad finish, there is always a positive in everything. I hit the 600 mile mark for the year today! Even with a very lackluster July, I'm still on pace to make my 1,000 mile goal for the year. Just need to keep moving on. 

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