Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And then came the rain...

Today's Training: 400m 800m 1200m 1600m - around 3 miles
Year Total: 659 miles

Through the middle of the night I could hear downpours. It's seemed like there was a huge spirt every hour or so. Thankfully, I had a track workout today. 

With the rain continuing well into the morning, I saw about an hour gap in the storms. So, I took full advantage. 

Got out to the track and it was humid. Very humid. I knew I had a long track workout, but the sky didn't look like it was going to let that happen. 

I did today's workout backwards on the track. I've really been reading up on how to tend to an IT Band injury and this was a tip that was reoccurring. 

Whenever I do track workouts I always push a little harder on 400's and 800's. Today was no exception. 

First 400, I will admit, felt weird. Who would have thought running the other way on the track would make that much of a difference. Glad I took a slow jog around the track first to get used to it. 

The 800 felt really good. I honestly think that the 800 is the best track workout for a long distance runner. It is manageable and intense all at the same time. 

I was trying to figure out my approach to a 1200. Not a normal distance for sure. It is so dark outside at this point that I'm pretty sure the stadium lights will come on. Alright. Light first lap, build up to a stronger second and even stronger third. 

By the time I finished, the humidity is at about 99% and I feel like I can squeeze the air. It's going to rain. Not just rain, but pour. 

As I'm starting my midpoint distance, 1600m, I feel slight raindrops. Fine. If it stays this way, I can finish for sure. Second lap, rain picks up a little more. Third lap, lets add some wind. By the final lap, it's raining so hard I'm putting my shoulder down like a running back going through a defense. Yep. That's enough for me. 

Today was also a huge milestone for me. I started tracking my running in January of 2012. Today I tracked my 300th workout. A little under 1,700 miles in about 18 months. Not bad at all! 

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