Saturday, August 31, 2013

August is over!

Today's Training: Six miles
Year Total: 665 miles 

Dark clouds and crazy humidity made this run happen a little earlier in the day then I wanted. Around 8:30am I was out of the house and ready to go. 

I took out a training this week to give a little extra rest for my injury and work on some stretching. Before I left the house, I made sure I stretched my leg. 

As I was waiting for my watch to connect, I decided to take a look at the river. We have had some really weird storms to the north and south of the city, and it really showed. The Alleghany River is crazy! Very dark and rushing fast. 

There are tons of people out this morning. I like to believe we all looked at the same forecast this morning. Bikes and runner are all out. 

As I'm going through my first mile I know I am going slow. To be completely honest, I'm fine with it. The next two big races I'm doing are both two day races that are about endurance, not speed. I can't even tell you if I looked at my watch when it went off.

A little further down the trail I see lights and blockers. Hmm, wonder what's going on. I see runners and walkers and people cheering. Oh, must be a race. So for about a mile I was being looked at for running on the trail next to the road in a sports bra and no number. 

As I got closer to the stadiums I started to notice people with numbers on the trail. Whatever this is, it must have ended where I am going to turn around. At this point, it's really humid. I can barely breathe. Still, I am pushing on.

About a half mile down the trail, I hit PNC Park and people tailgating for the Pirates game almost 12-hours away. The food smelled so good and instantly I'm starving. I smell bacon and coffee. Oh goodness, I have to turn around soon and go right past that wonderful smell again. 

I get to the turnaround at Heinz Field and notice some waves in the river. Odd. Very odd. Not only is the river crazy high, but now it has waves? Maybe my brain is playing tricks on me. Keep going. 

My IT Band started to get alittle tight about four and a half miles in. I decided it was a good idea to stop and stretch it out. Good idea, maybe. I noticed how sweaty I was. It's bad when you have to pull up a compression sports bra. 

Keep going. 

Start of mile five brought on this wonderful cool breeze. Oh no, I know what this means. Please don't rain! I only have a mile to go. This has been awful enough anyway! Thankfully, I picked up my pace a little and finished. 

The rain never came. 

August is officially over! I am glad to say I just about doubled my miles from my terrible July. I'm sure if I wasn't injured I could have had my first 100 mile month since April. But I am so proud of my 80 miles. They were hard fought and well earned for sure! Hope to start September off strong tomorrow! 

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