Friday, August 2, 2013

Lesson learned...

Today's training: 6 miles - slow pace. 
Year total: 592 miles. 

It's another beautiful day in Western Pa. My thought process was like any other distance runner, I'm going to double my workout to take advantage of this weather! WRONG! 

We take the time to research training plans for a reason. For the Runners World hat trick I am combining two different training plans that I have used in the past and was successful. The first week of the training is to do a max of six miles. So, silly me, wanted to do 12 today. 

So I started out on my run. Slow pace, around 9:10-9:15. Then my body quickly reminded me, you haven't ran more than six miles in quite some time. About three miles in I started cramping and feeling pretty awful. That is when the light bulb flipped on. 

So yes, lesson has been learned. I will follow my training to the T. Tomorrow is a new day and I look forward to it. 

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