Friday, August 9, 2013

Liberty Mile

Today's training: 1 mile race
Year total: 608 miles

Today was one of my favorite races, The Liberty Mile. I have always said, I'm not a sprinter, but I was going to give this my best shot. 

On Twitter, The Liberty Mile folks were asking which animal you could run a mile faster than. Based on my time from last year, and knowing that I am slower than I was, I picked the Chicken. The chicken could run a mile in 6:40. 

The other fun thing about tonight is that this is my husbands first race! He was hoping to break 10 minutes. We were both racing in the One For Fun wave. 

This year the waves were a little different. There was a huge group of us, which also included the kids run. Of course, the kids had to be in the front, and the people running for a decent time were stuck to weave around them. 

First quarter mile, had a pretty good 1:15 split. Felt pretty good. The crowd was pretty awesome, and by this point, I have weeded out the little kids. 

Half mile in, I saw a time that started with a two. Still pretty good, but I felt it was a little fast. I decided to slow down a little bit. The crowd is starting to get bigger and even some of the competitors from the other waves have decided to cheer us on. Very cool. 

So three quarters of a way in I notice the time starts with a five. Crap. I may have slowed down a little too much, but I'm still feeling alright. Maybe this was a pretty good plan. 

When me and the husband split before the start he told me to stay to the left so we could find each other. With a quarter mile left, I started to make my move to the side. 

The cool thing about this race is that it is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Marathon, which has some of the most amazing social media interactions. They got some of the professionals who were racing later in the night to give some advice. The best one was don't sprint too early. 

I saw the sign for 200 meters and I really wanted to sprint, but I remembered the advice. 100 meters, yeah I can handle this for sure. Cross the finish line in 6:47. Yes, the chicken beat me by seven seconds. 

I know I did well because I can see the crowd of people behind me, but I'm more concered at this point to see how well my husband finishes. I'm waiting by the water table looking for him and looking at the clock. I see him make it down the final stretch doing great! The part of the clock I could see had an eight in front of it. He finished in 8:34 crushing his 10 minute goal. 

In all, I finished 48th out of 310 in the One For Fun wave. I was the 15th finishing female and fifth in my age group. Still, I can't help but think that I let that chicken win.

Until next year, Liberty Mile. 

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