Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mile four...

Today's training: 6 miles - easy enough
Yearly total: 607 miles

I'm really focusing on pacing for these early weeks of training. Well, trying. 

Woke up to a beautiful Pittsburgh morning. Couldn't have asked for better weather. Until this thing happened. Haven't heard from it for awhile. Humidity. Ah yes, it is still August. 

The nice break from summer we have been having made me forget about humidity. Running next to a river this morning maybe wasn't the best idea. 

Started off on my first three miles the most consistent I could, 8:54 on the dot. No matter what I run, training or race, my fourth mile is always terrible. Why would today be any different.  


Really. Everything felt exactly the same. I changed nothing. Yet, there it is, 9:11. At lease for my final two mile I was a little under that - 9:05 for mile five and 9:01 for mile six. 

I like to keep my daily runs to five or six miles to work on my second wind. I've been fighting with the idea of having one day a week be four miles. Just to try to work on this problem. 

Tomorrow is a really fun race. The Liberty Mile is a one-mile race down a busy Pittsburgh road. There are a whole bunch of different heats. I run in the "one for fun" heat, but there are charity runners, businesses and unstoppables.  There are also professional that race against each other. 

Last year, at the inaugural event, I toed the line for my first ever one-mile race. Never once did I race it before and I had no idea what to do. 

It's only a mile, I'm just gonna go. 

And go I went. I finished in 6:30, which I successfully predicted I would finish in. I placed third in my age group and in the top 25 overall. Pretty awesome. 

This year, I am more excited because it will be my husbands first race! I know I am not as fast as last year, but I am ready to have fun and take in the whole experience again. 

Because that is what it's all about. Having fun and enjoying what you are doing. 

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