Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Night on the track

Today's training: 100x3 200x2 300x1 400x2
Yearly total: 628 miles

I will admit, it felt great to be back out on track. I'm also real glad today was a relatively easy track workout. 

I will NEVER claim to be a sprinter. I would much rather run an 800 than a 100. The first segment of the training was 100s and I really did awful. 

Like usual. 

I don't even time my sprints. It's not worth it. I just do them and move on. 

The 200s are about the same, but not as bad. The lone 300 was my saving grace. If I had to run another waste of time crappy sprint I was going to lose it. 

I have never been so happy to see 400s in my life. I felt like my stride opened up, my legs loosened and I started controlling my breathing. Thank goodness there were two.

The other really neat perk of this track workout was that I could feel my IT Band loosen. I have been wrapping my knee area at night and using my favorite Icy Hot. I really did not have time for the slight injury, but it makes you think of how you are treating your body. 

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