Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No pain? NO PAIN!!!

Today's Training: 5 miles
Year Total: 655 miles

I've been at my new position at work for about three years now, and I'm slowly getting used to a new schedule. Before this I would get one weekend off a month and having very random schedules. Now I'm Monday through Friday with one Saturday every three or four weeks. With the rotating schedules it was really easy to get an early morning workout. Now, I'm working early in the morning and get out around 4. In August, it's still warm and humid in the afternoon, but I am just going to have to deal with it. 

Today there was an added bonus, rain. Afternoon rain in August is just awful. The humidity instantly goes to 100% and the sun always comes out brighter than ever. 

Well, it was time to sweat. 

And sweat I did. 

I wanted about a nine minute pace today. Something that was going to feel good and let me focus on mechanics. How my leg was feeling at different points of this run. 

First mile, perfect 8:48 pace. Felt wonderful and so did the leg. There was also something else I noticed, there is no one out running or walking. I saw a man on a bike, but that was it. Was there some sort of impending doom that I missed the memo on?

Anyway, minor details. Big hill ahead. The sun is slightly behind some clouds so its still humid, but we are taking out the bright factor. I felt myself slow down for the hill. I wanted to make sure I was in a comfortable spot for the next three miles. 

So I'm half way up the hill and notice that I'm still alright. Awesome. Lets keep this moving. 

Why hello there Mr. Sun. Thanks for lighting the way to the start of mile three. Also, thank you for pumping the temperature up about 10 degrees. Oh my, this is going to be rough. Still, not hurting. Still clocked an 8:50. Alright. 

Going up another hill about a half mile later I finally see people. Awesome. No impending doom, but my back feels like I just jumped in a pool. Oh August, thank goodness you are gone soon. Check my watch, 8:49. Nice. 

Still, no pain. 

I decided to speed up a little bit because I'm actually feeling good. There is a slight uphill before a downhill, then right back up again. I figured I can pick up some speed on the up and down hills and then lay low on the last big uphill. 

Watch goes off, 8:30. Well that worked out. 

Final mile is very flat. I finally see some high school kids practicing. I decided to use them for some pace while I could. I rounded the turn to end up back at the Boathouse and just kinda went on auto pilot. 

I see my car, I hear the watch. 8:50 again. All under nine minutes. 

And still, no pain. 

No pain!!! 

Thank goodness. I've been stretching and using the foam roller like crazy and it's finally helping. Week five is starting out great. Track workout on my day off. Can't wait to do one healthy!

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