Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The lone deer...

Today's training: 5 miles
Year total: 626 miles

Today starts week three of my 12-week training for the Runners World Half Hat Trick. One of my favorite things to do is update my training board. It's just another way to keep me on track. 

With my IT Band still bothering me, I knew I couldn't do anything stupid. So today I wanted to keep a nice easy pace. 

The weather was a little weird for this run. Lots of dark clouds and some crazy gusts of wind. It really felt like fall. That made me so happy. 

The other nice thing about today was the lack of people. Very enjoyable and relaxing. It has been a really long time since I could use a run to clear my head. 

Through my first two miles I dealt with a wicked head wind. Again, things I'm going to have to get used to with fall coming. At the beginning of the third mile I felt my leg tightening up and decided to slow down a little. 

Nothing was helping, so I decided to just stay on course and keeps moving. 

In life, we are all given little signs to show that we are on the right path. It is our job to figure out what they mean.

On a clearing on a hill I saw seven deer just relaxing in a field. They looked so peaceful and enjoying everything around them. I could not take my eyes off them. They didn't even notice me or the other people around. 

Almost a mile down the road there was one last deer. He was all alone and very close to the road. We both locked eyes and had a moment. I really cannot describe it, but it was a sign. A lone deer can make its own decisions and they will always be the right one. 

I averaged an exact nine minute mile, and I am pleased. Those were five more miles towards my goal, and another day knocked off the training calendar. 

When I got home I received an email that may lead to some big changes. The universe has a weird way of showing us signs. Thanks deer number eight. 

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