Monday, August 19, 2013

Try try again...

Today's training: 5 miles
Year total: 642 miles

When I woke up this morning it was pouring down rain and freezing. By the time I was finished at work it was a perfect 72 degrees outside, partly cloudy. A great day to give this running thing another shot. 

Week four starts with a simple five mile run. First 20 seconds were much better than my run on Sunday. The entire first mile felt really good, but it also felt warm, quite warm. 

Mile two starts on a huge uphill. I had been reading some articles on how to run uphill from Runners World, and decided to try to execute these tips. 

The hill felt good. Even the downhill felt good. Why did I feel so awful yesterday and so great today? Don't over think it Steff, just keep going. 

As the sweat is pouring down my face I decided it was a good idea to slow down mile three a little. There was another huge hill coming up and I wanted another go at these techniques. I slowed down about 15 seconds from the first two miles, but still, I felt good. 

On the downhill to start mile four, I felt my leg slide. Quickly though my stride evened out and I kept going. There was an immediate uphill and I actually felt good enough to speed up. Cutting about ten seconds from mile three. 

Mile five is pretty flat. Awesome. Time to coast for home. I'm getting kinda hungry and still real sweaty. Focusing on the end, and avoiding the construction in from of me, I feel my leg slip again. This time it took a few strides to get it back, but once it did it seemed like it never happened. 

Today I averaged an 8:58 mile and that's pretty awesome, all thing considered. Even better was coming home and getting my new Sparkly Soul headbands in the mail! 

I ordered the green headband for the Runners World Half and the red on for my 101 Dalmatian costume for the Disney Half portion of the Goofy marathon. 

Do yourself a favor and check out Sparkly Soul. Headbands do not move or stretch. I wear my black or silver one pretty much everyday. Check them out on twitter and Instagram @sparklysoulinc and google them for sure! 

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