Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekend people...

Today's training: 5 miles
Year total: 613 miles

Going back to my mile four problems, today's workout was really focusing on trying to fix this. 

I started a new position at work that is pretty much a Monday through Friday daylight position. I really enjoy my morning runs, so I am going to have to get used to the weekend crowds out at the park. 

North Park Boathouse is a great asset to runners for a few reasons. The first being the hills. It is a very hilly five mile loop and provides a pretty awesome workout. The second reason I really enjoy running out there is that there are water fountains every mile or so. During the winter only one of the fountains are open, but still, I don't have to worry about hydration. 

The only downside is the crowds on the weekend. I was always taught to run like you would drive, but some people may have missed that lesson. Not only are the walkers walking across the entire lane, they do not care to move if they see a runner coming in the other direction. There are also a ton of bikers out at the park too, and I really hate running in their lane, but today I had too. 

All complaining aside, thanks, back to the workout ahead. 

I wanted another shot at under nine minute miles. Started my first mile a little quick, around 8:30, but in my defense, it started on a huge downhill. Deciding I needed to slow down my pace I eased into a nice 8:48 pace for the next two miles. 

A little side note, 8:48 is my usual target pace. It's very confortable to me and always have been. 

So mile four is quickly approaching. As I round the bend to start another up hill, I hear my Garmin sound that I finished another mile. I decided I was going to open my stride a little more on the uphill to gain some time. Hill feels good, as most uphills do. Yes I know, I'm pretty nuts, but I would much rather run hills than flat land. I reached the top of the hill and start the down and find the crowd. 

The backside of the Boathouse if very narrow and this is where my nerves started to explode. I decided to run in the street for the entire down hill. Not safe. I know, but there was nothing else I could do. 

I rounded the final curve, waiting for that noise again to see if my methods have worked. They did. Another 8:48 mile. I felt a sense of relief. The run wasn't finished though, I still have one more mile of rolling hills to finish. 

Stopped at the water fountain and made my way to the end. Feeling real smooth and relaxed. Suddenly, there are no crowds. It's just me. It takes me back to running out there in January and Feburary training for the Pittsburgh Marathon. May have zoned out a little too much, but made the final mile in 8:58. 

Tomorrow is my long run for the week. It will finish off my second week of 12 in Runner World Half training. I'm feeling good and that's all that matters. 

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