Thursday, September 5, 2013

320 miles to go...

Today's Training: 5 miles
Year Total: 680 miles

It's been a few days since I had a real gritty workout. So after work today I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for it. 

When I'm not running, my leg feels really good. So, I've been playing around with some pacing. Hopefully it will help. 

I felt like I was going so slow through my first mile. I also loved seeing so many people out after work. It gives me hope for this new schedule. After my first mile I was under 9-minutes. Weird. I felt slow. 

Second mile starts and I see a girl I work with walking with her partner. I loved it! I love seeing people I know getting out and being active! Check my watch at the end of the mile. Still under 9. Weird. 

Start of mile three made my stomach start to turn. I realized I had a late lunch and should have probably not have had the dairy that I did. I may actually throw up. Please don't. Please. Thankfully, a water fountain appeared and that helped. Finally, but still, under a 9-minute mile. What is going on?

The hilly part of the workout arrives and I'm just focusing on not losing my lunch at this point. Stopped at another water fountain and enjoyed the downhill. Split was around 9-minutes. Interesting. Very interesting. 

One mile left. Feeling quite miserable and I'm so ready to be done. I saw my coworker one last time and pretty much sprinted to the end. Yet again, another sub 9-minute mile. I didn't even try to be fast. Just so bazaar. 

I hit the 680 mile mark tonight! I'm really hoping for a 100 mile September so 1,000 miles for 2013 seems pretty realistic at this point! Even if I have to do it on one leg, I will hit my goal!

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