Thursday, October 24, 2013

A brief catch-up

First off, let me mention that I am a horrible blogger! Life has gotten crazy and I will try to remember what has happened. 

As of right now, I am 202 miles away from 1000 miles for the year. I am also about 25 miles away from 100 for October! 

My struggle with my IT Band has been an interesting battle. When I started training about 12 weeks ago, I could barely make it a mile without having to stop in pain. Last weekend, I finished the Runners World Hat Trick (which I will recap later in the week) and I couldn't be prouder. 

A few weeks ago, I completed the first Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6K (roughly 4.1 miles). I was kinda scared to do this since I was only about 75% healthy, but it was only four miles. 

For the beginning of October, it was warm. About 70 degrees, warm. Let's also add that I didn't look at a map. I figured following the pack of people would work out just fine. 

So the first mile was fun because we ran the same route of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Painted on the road was the 25 mile marker. I instantly flipped back to May and how I felt at that exact moment. At that same moment, I felt no pain. Just felt exhilarated on how far I have come. 

I love running across bridges in Pittsburgh, and with this race, we had two. Mile two and three were between rivers and bridges and fun parts of town. I stopped at the water stop right before the second bridge just to pour water over my head. With just a little liquid left in the cup, I decided to drink it. Awful idea. I instantly felt terrible and still had a mile to go. At the same moment I had a realization, the last mile is all up hill, great. 

Moving up the endless hill that is Pittsburgh, I am starting to feel worse. Just make it to the finish, that's it. Moving along, moving along and finally, the finish line. Yes! I crossed the finish line and instantly throw up. Yep, haven't done that since high school. Ran a solid 37:15 and felt alright. 

So I make my way outside the chute and wait for my husband to finish. He did under an 11-minute pace and I was so proud! 

So in all, it's been painful and enjoyable. Later in the week I will be recapping my Runners World Half and Festival experience. I cannot wait to share that with you guys! 

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