Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Week After...

Weekly mileage: 33 miles
Year total: 825 miles

I decided the easiest way to keep on top of this blog is a weekly recap. Sounds like a great idea to me. 

I took a rest day after the Runners World half, even got some help from the husband with a leg massage. Yes ladies, I'm very lucky. 

So on Tuesday after work I knew I would be leaving a little late and would have to beat the darkness. I knew my shoes needed to be switched, but I ordered new shoes and needed them to come in. They are repaving the roads out at the park I run at, and I could feel it 100% in these shoes. Decided also, the best way to be successful in this run was with some compression. Knocked out those five miles and felt pretty good. 

Wednesday was a real easy treadmill kind of evening. Quick two miles to loosen the legs. I am in full marathon training now, and if I learned anything from my previous marathon training, my legs need short runs once a week. 

Thursday was going to be the last day in these shoes. I didn't care if I had to skip workouts, they needed to go. Getting to leave work a little early allowed me to really enjoy the run. Or so I thought. It started to snow. Ugh, already. While I did pack cooler weather clothing, I was freezing when I finished. I couldn't complain too much since I hit my 800 mile mark for the year with those five miles. 

Friday I got the call that my shoes came in. I could not have been happier! For the first time in a long time, I was not wearing Brooks. I really grew to dislike the new flows and found a real love for the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. Oh I cannot wait to wear these. 

So Saturday I took these babies out for their first go around. I was going for an easy six miler since I had a long run coming on Sunday. My Brooks had a tounge that was attached to the shoe at one side. That was the only thing that took me awhile to get used to. Other than that, I really enjoy these shoes. The giant rubber duck left last weekend so the trail is a lot less crowded. I like it. 

Sunday comes around and it's cold and windy. I figured that I can hit about 15 miles today and really feel good about it. Husband is tiling our bathroom and will be distracted so I can run for awhile and not feel bad about it. 

I break my long runs up into loops. This was a 6.5 mile loop. Since Disney is a relatively flat race, I plan on doing most of my long runs out on the heritage trail. First loop feels real good. Ate my first Larabar at the break and was happily surprised. Back out on my way I still feel very comfortable. I also notice, I'm averaging a faster pace than my half last weekend. Odd, but continue. 

With my second loop ending on 13 miles, I decided I would just run the straight away until I was finished. I completed the 15 miles in 2:25. I ran 13 miles ten minutes slower last weekend. Still strange. 

I am one single mile away from 100 miles in October. I could not imagine having this good of a month, all things considered. 

Next week is a light week so I'm hoping to be a bit healthier by the time I get to my 18 miler in two weeks. Yay blog updating! Have a good week everyone!! 

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