Sunday, November 24, 2013

Picking Up the Pace

Weekly Workout Total: 38 miles 
Year Total: 904.5 miles

This week was an early week at work, meaning I could get in a lot more outside workouts. The weather is getting much colder, so speed workouts happened this week. 

Tuesday I wanted to take a nice and easy five mile run. Recently, I have been having awful cramping in my side, actually it had been since I got on the antibiotics. This run would be much of the same. I was not happy. 

Later that night I decided to take it to social media and found that Nuun was a great way to hydrate and get extra electrolytes. So, always willing to try something new, I went out and got my first tube. 

I tried it before my five mile tempo run on Wednesday. It's a 16oz tablet, so I had half before the run and would have the other half after. 

Tempo run was planned mainly because it was getting dark outside. First mile, slow enough then it was time to kick it up. Each of my three speed miles were done at 8:09. Exactly the type of speed I was looking for! Plus, a pretty awesome sunset to end with. 

Let's also say, I did not cramp. Alright. This might actually be the key. 

Thursday I had a rare weekday off. The weather was beautiful and I was going to take advantage of it for a 10 mile run. I followed the hydration plan again, and took off on my way. I felt really good and was happy about that. Finished the 10 miles in just under and hour and a half. Didn't even plan on doing it that fast. A nice little surprise for sure!

Another positive of this run, no cramping! Yep, now I'm a believer. 

Long run this week was on Saturday and wanted to do at least 14 miles. The sky was clear, temps just under 40 degrees and I'm pretty happy. First three miles were perfect weather but when I made my turn around at the three and a half mile mark, the wind picked up and the clouds started to roll in. A cold front was coming through, I knew this. 

I finished my first seven miles, hydrated up and went back out for the second loop. Clouds are getting darker and wind is really picking up, which doesn't help when you are running next to a river (or three at the confluence). Besides the conditions, I felt very comfortable. I had pretty much an equal split for both seven mile laps. 

Even bigger than that, I hit another milestone!!! 

My skirt came in for my Disney costume and I wanted to run in it really bad! 

The temperature is in the 20s today, so I wanted to use the treadmill and get a few miles in. I realized I needed four miles to hit 70 for the month, that was the goal.

Luckily, my husband rigged up the treadmill area earlier in the week so I could watch a movie! 

It was an awesome week of training for sure!  I got to update my running board also, to put my training in perspective for the rest of the year. 

If I stick to the plan, I will hit my 1,000 mile goal in three weeks!!! 

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