Monday, November 4, 2013

The 100 miles of October

Last Week: three workouts for 16 miles 
Year Total: 841 miles

I really look forward to three milestones during marathon training, and this week was one - the middle of training light week. The other two being the beginning of the taper and the actual race. 


All week I was having issues with my legs feeling really heavy. I didn't know if they were tired or what, so I really took it easy. 

Tuesday was a major deal because I hit 100 miles for the month. After how awful September was, I was thrilled. 

Hitting those 100 miles felt amazing. It's a goal I wanted to maintain through my Runners World Half training, but couldn't get because of my injury. Now, with two months until Disney, I can actually say I'm about 95%. For anyone in marathon training, that is pretty awesome. 

As the week progressed, the weather was awful and my legs hurt. Even stretching and foam rolling wouldn't take away the feeling. That's what this week is for, taking it easy. 

I'm also trying to finish up my Disney plans with figuring out my costume for the half. I was going to go for a Dalmation, but I'm not feeling it. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be decided. 

Happy Monday!! =)

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