Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Week After the Sick

Even us crazy active people are not exempt from getting sick. It happens, we are all human. I had the privilege of getting a pretty nasty sinus infection, which was my first real sick in the past three years. Heck, I had a nice stretch!

So I was off my feet and focusing on feeling better all last week. It was pretty awful to be stuck on the couch and not able to do anything! 

So for this week, I wanted to mak up for it. November in Pittsburgh is pretty awful. It's snowing one day and the next its 50 degrees. Plus, it's dark at like 5pm. It was a late work week so me and the treadmill got some quality miles in. 11 of them in three days to be exact. 

Where my treadmill is in my basement you have a lovely view of the furnace and the hot water heater. I knew I needed to make some entertainment. So, I created a slight "entertainment system" to help out. 

Oh yeah, this happened. An old table, storage bin and my laptop. Alright I'm ready. 

I ended up getting out of work early one day and could run outside. So took myself out to the park for a nice five mile loop. It had snowed earlier in the week, so I prepared for all types of weather. Just so happened that on this day, it was 55 degrees out. Looks like we're going in shorts. With some snow still on the ground, this outside run is happening. 

People were walking in winter coats and gloves the entire five miles. Was I missing something? If I could run in a sports bra right now, I would! I had some odd cramping through the run, but I chalked it up to coughing like crazy for two weeks. It felt so good to get outside! 

So Sunday was supposed to be a long run, about 15-16 miles. Weather forecast, rain all day. Great. I decided I would take it easy since I haven't had a ton of miles from being sick. 

As I'm running, I am down by the football field where the Steeler fans are making their way to the game. Might I mention it's 10am and the game doesn't start for another three hours, and it's raining. At this point, it's pouring. I figured I just need to get back to my car and hope I don't blister. 

About a quarter mile from my car, the sky opened and the wind picked up. Holy resistance training! I fight through and make it to my car to check the radar. No end in sight, guess that's the end of today's run. I was actually okay with it. I had a nice sub 9:20 pace that felt really good. Any workout is better than no workout. 

Today was another huge reason to get out and run. Today is one year since my first half marathon in Philly. I always wanted to run one, and it was the perfect first race. 

Within this year, I have completed three half marathons and one full. I can't believe it has only been a year. Absolutely incredible! 

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