Sunday, December 29, 2013

Conquering the Treadmill

Let me start of by saying, I am not an expert on the treadmill. Not even close. In fact, going any farther than six miles is near impossible for me. Through the past few weeks I have had to move my workouts inside, and I have found some ways to make it more bearable. 

1. TV!
I used to set up my laptop and watch movies. Then I realized I was running sideways and putting more pressure on my left leg, which is my bad one. Hubby made a nice shelf to put an old tv on so I could focus more forward. I like to play tv shows so I have a split time. 

2. Just walk it out
If you just run the miles straight, you will lose focus. Try to change it up every so often. For example, during a six mile run, I will run two miles then turn the incline up really high and walk a half mile. This takes the monotony out of the workout and gets a new look for your legs. 

3. Power hour
I love a great fartlek. I downloaded the Hour Power app that imports my running playlist and breaks down the songs into different increments. If you use this while treadmill running you focus will go to the different songs, not how long the song has been going on for. 

4. Work on pace
My hubby is setting the pace for our half marathon coming up two weeks from yesterday. I tried doing it on my own, but I can't. I love being able to set the treadmill for his pace and let my legs get used to it. Going slower on the treadmill is fine. There is no need to go all out. I like to do two miles at his pace, then two at my marathon pace. Having a comfortable pace has made me not thing about what I'm doing. Makes the workouts go by so much quicker. 

5. Look for inspiration 
Social media is full of amazing people doing amazing things on the treadmill. Before I jump on, I love to see what these people can do on the same machine. People running 15-20 miles in one shot, incredible. If they can do that, I can make my workout happen. 

What do you use to get you through a treadmill workout? I am always looking for new ways! 

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