Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Goals for 2014

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was making my end of 2013 goals. All of a sudden there is 15 days left in the year. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get inspired, right? 

To be honest, I love reading other bloggers goals for the next year. It helps me put mine in perspective. I wanted to make five goals that I knew would keep me motivated through the year. So, I guess here they are. 

1. 1,111 miles in 2014

I love setting a mileage goal. It helps me with everyday training. Even if it isn't a lot, those miles will help towards my goal. I am 15 miles away from 1,000 and will achieve that goal this week. Wanted to continue to improve on it. I also wanted to make it a fun number, to keep life interesting. 

2. Achieve a 100 mile July

July is historically my worst month. It's hot, I'm really busy at work and I really just don't get excited about it. I need to change that. In 2013 I only ran 40 miles in July, and most of them were during the RW run streak. I am doing a half in early September, so I need a good July in order to do well. 

3. Two full marathons with two PRs

I never thought I would even complete one marathon, and now I want to get better. I am already signed up for Disney in three weeks, but I needed another one. I was considering Chicago, but I did not want to mess with a lottery system for only my third marathon. After tons of great feedback, I decided on Columbus. Mainly because it was in mid-October and I really love the city. 

Disney is flat, and any time has to be better than my first marathon time (4:29 with a bruised bone in the bottom of my foot). By the time Columbus comes, I should really be used to the distance and a PR should be achievable. 

4. Run four half marathons

This seems crazy to me! I only did my first half in 2012 and three all together! As I was putting together my races for 2014 I realized four half marathons are totally achievable. I really want to break my PR (1:51 Philly 2012) in Pittsburgh this year, and I hope to do it with a friend who wants the same time as me, 1:45 or bust! I also am doing the races at different times of the year and in different places. 

5. Connect with more of the running community

I love this community I have become a part of. I love the people I have met and the places I have been, but I want to become more connected. I'm not sure how I will achieve this goal, but I have a feeling opportunities will present themself. 

So that is my five goals set for 2014. I ask you guys, what are your goals and how do you plan to achieve them? 

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