Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tegan Michael

So I know my blog is about running and life while running, but I'm gonna switch to a huge life moment, my newest family member. 

Back in March I found out my brother and his girlfriend were having a baby! I live about 300 miles from my family, but knowing I was going to be an aunt was the coolest thing ever! 

Baby had some rough moments in his early life, but he fought his way through and started growing and becoming instantly awesome. 

Boys are very predominate in my family. Of my sibling and first cousins, I am the only girl. Even before they found out the gender, I knew he was going to be a boy.  My thoughts were verified a few months later, I was getting a nephew!!! It was also a few days before my birthday that they found out. It was an awesome birthday gift for sure! 

So we had a baby shower in July and I made the trip out east to join everyone in the fun time. It was so hot and a thunderstorm rolled in, but I had so much fun shopping for stuff for him, including his first penguins jersey! 

For the past few weeks, she had been contracting and dropping real low. I had work on standby and was ready to go. 

I woke up Saturday morning to the text I've been waiting for! 

After a five hour drive that seemed like a blink of the eye, I made it to the hospital! She was 6cm and pretty relaxed. 

A few hours later, the pain really picked up. I was so proud of how my brother jumped right in and was really there for her! 

The doctor came in about 8:15pm and said it was go time! We all went to the waiting room, turned on football and started the waiting game. 

Not even ten minutes later, my brother texted me that he had arrived!!!

We all went back and had our time with the newest member of our crazy family. He was perfect. Didn't cry at all and even smiled for us!!! 

I cannot wait to be this little boys aunt for the rest of his life. Even though I don't live close, I am gonna be the best aunt ever! I promise buddy =)

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