Monday, January 20, 2014

The Marathon Blues

I know I'm not alone in this. As runners we train for months for a race, and then it's over. It sucks! All of that time and energy into an event that is over in less than five hours! 

This time was even more of a struggle because I lost my grandfather while we were in Florida. So now there was more travel and things to do, I really am losing sight of the amazing accomplishment I have completed. 

And then I checked my email and Run Disney sent out the results. 

Even though the splits are from the half marathon, the placements aren't. I was feeling so down because I didn't get a new PR, but in retrospect, I did really well! Surprisingly well! 

Instantly, I feel my marathon blues diminishing and looking towards my next race. I believe I will be doing a 15k in a few weeks, which I have never done before.

How do you beat the marathon blues? Sign up for another race? Just get over it? 


  1. I ALWAYS get the marathon blues, which is why, from the time I ran my first in May of 2008, I have been training for another, ever since. My body however, doesn't like this, so I'm trying to stick to excessive HMs, and one full a

    Congrats on completing another full! Even when we don't PR, we must not forget, we just ran a marathon! That's an accomplishment to be proud of, no matter what the clock says.

    1. Thanks so much Kristy! I LOVE not feeling alone with these crazy running emotions =)