Friday, February 14, 2014

Five Things Friday 2.14

Lauren is one of my favorite people EVER! I love her blog and her outgoing personality! Well, every Friday she blogs about five things that are going on.   

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So I decided on this wintery valentines day that I would make my attempt at it. Let's hope I can remember to do this every week! 

1. Yesterday I celebrated two months migraine free. I've been suffering with them my entire life and this is the longest I have gone without one. 

2. After this week I will be taking on some new duties at work. Good and bad but should keep me a little busier. 

3. My moms house was damaged by the neighbors house fire. This week, they started demo on it. This is very overwhelming to me because I can't help since I live far away. 

4. My husband and I really don't celebrate valentines day. All I want is a nice quiet evening with him and the cat. 

5. I cannot ski, but I LOVE watching the biathlon. It's just so interesting to me that these athletes are amazing skiers and awesome shooters. 

What is one thing you accomplished this week that you want to share with the world? 

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  1. I love watching the biathlon too! So amazed that they can shoot so precise, while being so out of breathe. The exhaustion they demonstrate after crossing the finish line, makes it even more bad ass.