Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Things Friday 2.21

All week I have been trying to figure out a fun Five Things Friday to do, since I'm really not all that interesting. I am quite a random person. Maybe doing five random things about me is the best way to approach this. 

Okay, so this week I am going to share five random things that you wouldn't know about me from reading my blog. Enjoy!!

1. I have one tattoo. It's a four leaf clover. The leafs are four hearts for my four greatest titles in life (wife, daughter, sister and aunt). It is on my left foot because I have always had problems with my left leg and it needs a little luck. 

2. When I was young I wanted to grow up to be a professional wrestling announcer. Not a ring announcer, the play-by-play announcer. This stayed with me my whole life and is why I went to college for communications. 

3. I finished my masters degree on my 23rd birthday. To this day, it is my greatest birthday present. Second is spending my 18th birthday at Wimbledon. 

4. I can recite Jesus Christ Superstar from beginning to end. It is my favorite musical. With one note I can start. 

5. I am allergic to cinnamon. I never liked the smell so I stayed away from it. About a year ago I ate a mint that was cinnamon and I spit it right out. About an hour later my face blew up. 

What is something random about you that no one would know by looking at you or reading your blog? 

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