Thursday, February 6, 2014

Four Princesses and a Frog.

So a few weeks ago, a bunch of my tweeps and I decided we were going to look into running a Marathon Relay. I've never done one but really wanted too. Real bad. When this opportunity came up, I couldn't resist.

Throughout the past week Lauren, Chelsea, Jeff and myself have been planning our awesome run weekend. Where we were going to run, who was going to do what leg and whatever else came up. 

We decided on running the Akron Marathon Relay in September for a few reasons. 1. It's close to Pittsburgh. Only about a two hour trip. 2. It's on a Saturday, which is awesome since I will be in marathon training. 3. It's a marathon that actually has a relay in the fall! 

Great. We found a race!! Next step, who is running which leg?

Since we only had four people in a five leg relay, I was going to run two legs. No problem, I think they came to a little over eight miles. These would be the first two legs of the race. Then Jeff would take over, then the two girls would fight to the death (jk) on who would do the final two legs. 

Lauren, in her ever moving mind that I love, suggested that we ask one of our other tweeps, Sarah. We all agreed that she would be awesome for our team and Lauren jumped right in and got us our fifth!!

So, have we figured out who is doing which leg. Nope, but we have five people!!! 

Because we are all crazy people, we also remembered that the day after the relay is a 10K race in Pittsburgh called The Great Race. I've always wanted to do this race but I've always been injured (dislocated hip and IT Band to be exact). So, why not double?! I was so excited that someone else had the same idea. 

So, what is our team name going to be? It has to set the mood for our team. We threw around the idea of being team #runchat, since that is where most of us connected. Then our Disney side came out. 

Why don't we be Four Princesses and a Frog? Yep. That sounds about fitting! I'm really in for everything as long as I can rock some sparkle. 

So, in short, I get to run my first Marathon Relay with my Team Four Princesses and a Frog. Then the next day run a 10K through Pittsburgh. Then three weeks later run my third marathon. All of which being planned while I can't run at all with an injury. 

Yep, sounds about right =)

Have you ever done a Marathon Relay? What advice do you have for this newbie? 

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