Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week One

When I finished the Pittsburgh Marathon last year, I knew I wanted to tackle the half marathon in 2014. I managed a two hour half split during the marathon and have been really excited to tackle the half course on its own. 

A friend of mine, who also shares my birthday, brought up the idea of us running the race together and try to hit a sub 1:50. This would be a new PR for me, so I was in! 

This week was the first week of training for the race. I was supposed to do six workouts for about 30 miles. I knew this wasn't going to happen coming off the foot injury. I decided that this week was about building that confidence in myself. 

My new shoes came on Tuesday so I laced them up and jumped on the treadmill for four miles. I managed a negative split for each mile. Better yet, NO PAIN!! 

Since the week was all recovery, I took Wednesday off and stretched. 

Thursday was supposed to be three miles. It ended up being a mile and a half.  I told myself that this week is not about distance, it's about building confidence. The mile and a half felt good, and I was leaving it at that. 

On Friday, me and the hubby hit an early dinner and I needed to run. I had a race to look forward to on Saturday, so a quick half mile shakeout was in order. My foot felt a little funky, so I didn't push it. 

Saturday morning I woke up to a snowstorm. Great. Glad I dropped down to the 5K of this race. I had to pick up a friend, and the roads were only getting worse. The course was the same way. COVERED in snow. I have never races in anything like it. 

I finished in 30:22, which was good for 40th overall and 4th in my age group. I was not happy. Not even a little bit. My feet were soaked, I was freezing but I had no foot pain! 

My wonderful twitter support group reminded me I haven't ran for speed in forever or even outside for weeks. That time was pretty good! Yeah, I guess it was! 

Woke up Sunday morning to hockey. Oh it is a great time of year for sure! I decided I would do my treadmill workout during team Canada's game later in the afternoon. 

I made sure I started about ten minutes before the game.

I planned on seven miles, but was going to play it by ear. I set the treadmill at 9:14 and just went. It felt really good. Just about at the four mile mark I started feeling a slight cramp in my calf. I have no problem with stopping at this point. No reason to push it on an easy week. 

The snow continues to fall. But next week looks amazing! I hope everyone has a great week! 


  1. Good luck on your training, hopefully with the weather breaking this week we will all get some good runs in. It's been hard training this year

    1. Thanks Shaun. We all deserve some good weather! It will make May 4th that much harder for sure!

  2. Runs that have no pain. Runs that build confidence. These are the amazing workouts that stand out. Sure, sometimes its nice to have a distance or time achievement, but the days that you hit the basic fundamentals can feel so good. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I'm training for the 2014 Pitt marathon (my first full). If you're interested, here's a link to my weekly recap posts.

    1. It's nice to remember to take in little victories! It was so hard for me to remember that sometimes. Best of luck in your training! I'll be sure to check in on you =)

  3. I LOVE the Pgh HM! One of my favorites, which is why I usually run it, and not the full.

    This winter is definitely not helping any of us out with our training. Looking forward to a warm up this week!

    Welcome back, glad the foot feels good.

    1. Glad to be back for sure! I always wanted to run the Pgh Half before the full, but for some reason I skipped and jumped over it. I really enjoyed the first 16 miles or so last year!

  4. Yikes, I cannot imagine racing in weather like that. I hate the cold and snow, great job pushing through.