Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week Two

To say that I was excited for this week of training may be an understatement. Mother Nature was going to give us a break from the deep freeze and temps in the upper 40s/low 50s. I could not wait to take advantage. 

I had to force myself to take Monday off. We all need rest days. I felt really good and wanted to get out there. So I decided to pour myself a glass of wine and relax. 

Tuesday was supposed to be speed work. I was at work a little late and ended up losing a lot of daylight. I played it safe and did a 5k progression on the treadmill. Every half mile I upped the speed. Holy sweat! I was really excited too because I got some sweet stuff in the mail from Further Faster Forever! 

Since I was stuck at work for awhile on Tuesday, I could leave early at work. Finally! I get to enjoy outside! I told my relay team that I would run the mileage of my leg once a week. I also wanted redemption from that awful 5k. So it looked like we were doing a second sorta speed day. My leg for the relay is 4.8 miles, so I rounded it to five. The first 5k was blazing! I ran it in 26:14 and finally felt better! Ran the 4.8 miles in 41:43 and felt really good about it. 

Thursday was also a rest day. Even though it was a rest day, I had a great mental lift. My best friend told me she was going to run the Lehigh Valley half marathon with me in September!! I couldn't have been more excited/proud at that point! I don't get to see her a lot since I moved and to get to share that moment with her means so much to me. 

Friday's workout was a little different. I did two quick miles on the treadmill. I didn't want to only do two miles, but we had plans. Yep folks, it was date night! The temps were really nice again, but I could not wait for our evening. We were going to see Billy Joel!! It was a great concert and we had a blast!! 

Saturday was the nicest day of the week. Even though I had to work, I made sure I took my clothes with me so I could go out right after work. When I got to the park, it was AMAZING to see all the people! Slight downfall, it was really windy. Resistance training, I guess, but I took the six miles very easy. Very easy ended up being a 9:06 pace. Oops. Everything felt really good, legs were a little heavy but I figured that was from the wind. I even got to wear shorts with snow on the ground! 

I also came home to a brand new Sparkly Soul headband thanks to Dani over at I loved getting to meet Dani in Disney and her story is inspiring. So excited I got a new headband! 

Saturday night I got an email from one of my relay teammates about meeting up for a run Sunday afternoon. I never really run with other people, but I was excited to get to run with Jeff. Pittsburgh with be his 30th marathon and he has tons of advice and tips every time I talk to him. 

After I watched the Canadians win the gold in hockey, I was off to meet Jeff. We chatted and kept a pretty quick pace, I didn't even realize it. It definabtly caught up to me. My legs were SUPER heavy even with compression socks on. It was also much warmer outside than I thought it was. Still, I got seven miles in and had my first 20+ mile week in a month. 

Next week will be interesting. I will be traveling the later part of the week and will have to skip my long run. I'm not fond of skipping long runs, especially ten weeks out from a race. I want to congratulate everyone who raced this week! 

How did you take advantage of the nice weather this week? 


  1. This week I really took advantage of the weather and got in my most miles in a while.. It felt really good and hopefully the warm weather is with us soon for good. Good to see you had a good week as well. Kind of jealous you got to go to billy Joel though

    1. It was a great show. Super excited I got to go! Glad you could take advantage of the weather!!

  2. Congrats on a great week of training! The weather was SO nice! I'm not looking forward to the vortex coming back this week.
    I'm glad you had a good time at the concert!

    1. One day we will never have to say polar vortex again!!

  3. How awesome that your friend is going to run the half with you!

    1. I'm super excited!! We are actually talking about it now!