Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Shoe Struggles

About a year and a half ago I fell in love with a pair of shoes. I swore I would only wear them because they were, to me, perfect. 

They were the original Brooks Pure Cadance. 

I owned four pairs of these bright pink beauties. They were the perfect shoe for me. When Brooks released the second version of them, a quick bought another pair. When I couldn't find them anymore I shed a tear or two, I'm not ashamed about that. 

I gave the second generation a try and was very unimpressed. They weren't in the fun colors I was used to, the toe area was a lot wider and it didn't seem as cushioned as my originals. I did love that one side of the tounge was stitched into the shoe. Great idea. That is also when my IT Band issues started to flair up. After countless attempts to find my originals again, I figured it was time to discover a new brand. 

I went to my local running store with a completely open mind. I told the guy why I loved my Brooks, but the concerns I had with the new ones. He had me try on Mizuno's new shoe, the Wave Sayonara. I loved the look of them, and they were a good mix of both Cadances. I decided to give them a shot. 

Those poor shoes went through everything. Snow, ice, rain and the treadmill all culminating in a marathon. They had a happy 350 miles for sure. I didn't have a problem with them except that the fabric started to rip towards the end of their life. I also would get tons of marks on my feet from the tounge sliding. Skinny footed people understand the sliding tounge problem. 

After we got back from Disney I gave my shoes one last run. We had some great miles. I went back to my local running store to try on different options. I thought my feet my need a little more support. Not much, but I have a problem with my big toe area when my mileage goes high. The nice lady had me try on two Mizuno's, the Wave Rider 17 and the Wave Creation 15. 

They both felt the same but there was one thing that separated them, the bottom. The Wave Creations have the open bottoms and they average about 600 miles. 


I also tried on the newest Brooks Pure Cadance. I didn't mind them, but I was focused on these awesome looking shoes!

So needless to say, I got them. I was so excited! The first week they only saw treadmill miles. My foot was still hurting but I figured it was from trying to break in new shoes on the treadmill. Ice and compression became my new best friends. 

I decided to wear them to work one day, hoping maybe a different surface would help. Nope. Foot pain continues. 

The polar vortex finally gave us a break, and I could run outside. Friday I got two miles in around the neighborhood and felt only a small pain, that was manageable. 

Today's run, on the other hand, was the final straw. I had a seven mile run down by the river planned, but Mother Nature decided almost a mile down the trail that she was going to make it impassable. Besides that, my big toe has the worst numbing feeling I've ever had. 

Alright. Last ditch effort to save these shoes, loosen the laces. I took my shoe off while I was driving, and the numbing went away. 

I decided to try and save my run by heading out to the park with a five mile loop. Shoes loosened and ready to go. A little under a mile in, same awful numbing. I managed to run back to my car, getting in three total miles. 

I'm done with these shoes. Which is such a waste because they were not cheap! I decided to reach out to Mizuno to see if there is anything I can do to maybe swap these for my old pair. I don't even care about the price difference. 


I heard back from Mizuno and they were more than willing to help me out if Amazon wouldn't. Luckily, Amazon customer service is AMAZING and even sent me a return label. Very happy with the service from both parties. 

I hope someone loves these shoes. I really do. I hope they get the mileage they are supposed to. Wish I would be able to use them enough to see it. 

I just want my old Brooks back. 

Have you ever had an awful experience with a new shoe? How did you handle it? 


  1. Where did you buy them? I know TrueRunner in Shadyside (and most other specialty stores) will take shoes back 30-60 days after you get them (Even if you've run in them!) if you have issues with foot pain.

    I always alternate between my "fast" shoes (for me its either the Sayonara, or another lighter Mizuno shoe) and my "clunkers" (Asics Gel Nimbus...heavy, very stable shoe - but SO cushiony!) because it keeps your feet from getting the same pressure day in and day out.

    1. I actually bought them online. I had a gift card and couldn't resist the savings.

  2. I had a very similar experience. I had been running in Brooks for a couple of years except I have to buy motion control shoes. For some reason this past fall I decided to try the Saucony Guides. That's when the deep hip pain started. I thought it was over use so I took 36 days of. THIRTY SIX DAYS! Upon my return to running, the hip pain came right back. I've since purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS14. The pain is all but gone. Amazing how shoes work. Unfortunately I had to eat the cost of the Sauncony's since so much time passed since I purchased them.

    1. Maybe this is our next venture. Buying back shoes that don't work for one and sell it cheap for other!