Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Things Friday 3.14

Happy Friday everyone! I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who entered my KT Tape giveaway! The winners have been contacted already. 

Alright, on to the main reason why you all are here, for five awesome things that have happened this week that you need to know about! 

1. I know a ton of runners are racing this weekend and I wanted to wish good luck to all of you! I really hope to race Virginia Beach in the near future! 

2. For the first time in almost a year I got my hair cut! Nothing crazy, just cleaned up. 

3. One of my favorite teachers from high school is retiring this year. He is an English teacher and head of the drama club. A bunch of his former students honored him in a flash mob and it has gone viral! 

4. Winter Storm Vulcan dropped temps over 50 degrees in 24 hours here in Pittsburgh. More irony is that my college mascot is the Vulcan, led to some great twitter conversations throughout the week. 

5. Have you ever had a song REALLY stuck in your head, and then it will NEVER play for you to get it out? That's my life currently with "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. It's always on the radio and shows up on my running playing list constantly, except this week. I finally broke down today and streamed the music video. 

How do you get songs out of your head? Am I alone in this struggle? 


  1. #3 that video had me so choked up ! (I love that song from Godspell). I can't wait to see the entire video on YouTube.
    #5 Song stuck in my head since Wednesday is Burning Down The House by the Talking Heads.

  2. You must do the Shamrock in the future. Period.

    Also, that's about how often I get my hair cut. I've had one of those punch cards for over 8 years, and it still isn't filled up to get a free haircut!! LOL.