Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Things Friday 3.28

Hello everyone!! Hope you are having an awesome week!

There has been TONS of candidates for my Five Things Friday this week. It's been fun scouring the internet for the most awesome stories you need to know about. 

1a. If you haven't heard about Self Magazine and their "BS" meter about Monika and her running tutu picture, here is the link to the San Diego new story. VIDEO

1b. My favorite runner responses to this come from Lauren and Ashley

2. Mark Remy from Runners World expanded on the woman who ran a Georgia half marathon without paying and taking selfies the whole time. Instead he went to a running store. So funny! Check it out if you need a good laugh! LINK

3. I will admit, I'm a sucker for those lists that people keep putting together. I got two sent to me this week about things runners would only understand. 27 Little Struggles and 36 Things

4. Back to Runners World, they reran one of my favorite race prep articles this week. 10 Mistakes to Avoid on Marathon Day. It's perfect! 

5. So back to lists, my friend sent me the 11 Things Not to Say to a Skinny Girl. Perfectly on point! 

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend! If you are racing, good luck!! 

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