Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Things Friday 3.7

After a week hiatus, I present a two week compilation of Five Things Friday! 

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1a. Today is Dangle's adoption day! I cannot believe that we have had her for two years already! 

1b. Tegan turns three months old today!! I got to FaceTime with him earlier in the week. Easily the coolest thing ever. 

2. I read the most awesome article the other day. It's call; Sorry, We're Not Sorry: The 20 Things Women Should No Longer Have to Appologize For. 

3. I've been in a really horrible mood all week. No particular reason why, just not feeling like my normal bubbly self. Hoping the nicer weather this weekend will help. For example, every time somebody at work does something really stupid, Britney Spears song "You Drive Me Crazy" starts playing in my head. 

You're welcome. 

4. Progress is starting to be made on my moms house. We finalized a design for her new bathroom and picked everything out. She hopes to be moved back in by May. 

5. Mizuno has started a new campaign. They ask a simple question, what if everybody ran? They have done tons of research and present all of the awesome statistic on their website. This happens to be my favorite one. 

Happy Friday everyone. Can't wait to update you guys on my great training week! 


  1. I don't know my babies adoption day, so sad. Next time I adopt I'll have to be better about tracking that.

    1. Birthdays are my thing! Had to celebrate something for my kitty =)

  2. Your kitty is so cute! I miss mine......

    I hope you're getting to enjoy your runs, in this awesome weather!

    1. Loving this weather!! I will give Dangle a squeeze for you =)