Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week Four

After my unexpected hiatus from training last week, I knew I had to make week four count. The weather looked amazing for most of the week and I could not have been more excited for that. 

To elaborate on my Five Things Friday post, I have been in a really awful mood all week. The weather has really started to get to me, not to mention work was a little aggravating this week. Another reason to really be excited about this weeks training. 

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Monday was rest day, mainly because it was still freezing. I saw this awesome quote for my Monday Motivation and made sure to keep repeating it all week. This week, I wanted to average sub 9 minute miles for all my training runs. 

Tuesday was my weekly time trail for my relay leg in Akron coming up in September. I integrated the 4.8 miles into my six mile run. It was still a little cold, but nothing compared to how it's been. 

I love working early and being able to see the high school kids out working hard. They motivate me to find that speed I had when I was their age. 

I checked my watched a little before my 4.8 mile time check and kicked the speed up a little. I ended up with a 42 minute split. On the dot. That felt pretty good! Only 18 seconds slower than my last one. I'll take it! I finished the six miles in 53:42. First day sub nine, on the right track!

Wednesday was my second rest day. I took advantage and had a date with my foam roller and a foot soak. I also got my new Runners World magazine and started flipping through. 

I talked to my training partner and he is having awful ankle problems. His training isn't on track at all. We decided to change our goals for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. We are no longer going for PRs, aiming for a sub-2 finish. I am completely satisfied with it. I haven't done a sub-2 in a while. 

Thursday the temperature was around 40 degrees, but it was windy. REALLY windy. I decided to go the opposite way around the lake to take the beating of the wind early, and the hills late. 

I can honestly say I don't remember most of this run except the wind. I really just, went. It was awesome. Everything felt good and I never looked at my watch. I was surprised to notice I had another sub nine minute mile average!!

Friday brought the beautiful weather! I knew my legs would not react well to being exposed, my skin is quite awful, so I made sure I packed my Pro Compression #runchat socks. 

I could have ran all day. It felt amazing! I saw so many people walking around in winter coats and hats, here I was grabbing snow and trying to cool myself off! If I could have ran in just a sports bra, I would have! Plus, I finally hit my "normal" training pace, 8:48 average. 

I haven't been at an 8:48 in months! Probably since my IT Band flair up in September. It felt really good to be back! 

I love Oiselle. Running clothes made for women by women. Such a simple concept! I am easily one of the smallest people I know. I have a very short torso and zero waist. I've heard amazing things about their shorts and have always wanted to get a pair. I really wanted a full outfit for race day, but all if the tops said they were extra long, and that isn't going to work at all.  

Saturday was going to be the day! Through tons of research, I couldn't make up my mind on which one to order, so I treated myself to both! 

Full review when they come in, I promise!

So Saturdays run was moved until a little later in the afternoon since it was going to hit 50 degrees!!! 50 DEGREES!!! 

I haven't ran 10 miles since the Disney Marathon. To say I was nervous is an understatement. 

I'm in shorts, again, and there are people in winter coats and hats again! I haven't sweat this much in months! I made sure to not look at my watch again, and just enjoy the run. 

I don't carry water with me, so I did a seven mile loop back to my car and did some quick refueling. I finally found Honey Stinger waffles in my travels through the week. I have heard so many amazing things about them. Let me tell you, the chocolate waffle was AWESOME!! I really need to find the Strawberry. 

As I finished my final three miles, I feel great. Really great. Probably the best I have felt in awhile! Especially since this marked 28 miles for the week. I only ran 41 miles in February. 

I missed my sub nine by THAT MUCH! I didn't even care. This run was a confidence booster for sure! 

When I woke up this morning my knee was a little sore. It doesn't help that it dropped about 20 degrees over night and snowed. I will get a two mile run in, at some point, to hit that 30 mile week! 

How did you take advantage of the better weather this week? 


  1. Seemed like you had a good week, good to see you took advantage of the weather, let's just hope it stays around. We could all use it

  2. Um, I think you're selling yourself short, if you don't go for sub-2 in Pgh. You're running every single run faster than sub-2 pace, even your long run. You could definitely run 1:55, and probably a 1:50 on that course. Just saying......;) (for real though).

    1. Thanks for the confidence! My PR is 1:51 and I did a 1:59 split for the half during the full last year. I just don't want to get my hopes up like last year.

  3. I recently placed my 1st Oiselle order & just posted a fit review. I got a running tee on sale & really like it. The fabric is so soft & doesn't feel tech-y at all. And I love the bird theme on a lot of their things. Will definitely buy more!