Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week Five

It's so hard to believe that next week is the half way point of my Pittsburgh Half Marathon training! It's been so different training for a race that I have already ran, but in a different distance. 

Case in point was earlier this week, a friend of mine asked me about the half course, and I couldn't remember. I clearly did not remember the first half of the course! Thankfully, other friends of mine did and helped me out. 

This week was a pretty good week of training. Had to modify my usual training because of weather, which is the official tag line of this years Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

Am I right, or am I right? 

Anyway, to the week!

I'm not a crazy believer in horrible things happening on Mondays, but we can all be turned into believers. On my way to work; I left my coffee on the counter, the cat bit me on the lip, I got stuck behind three school busses and almost ran out of gas. Seriously. All within an hour. Mondays motivation really helped me move past that horrible start. 

With Winter Storm Vulcan expected to drop temperatures later in the week, I decided to change my rest days and do a very unexpected Monday run. After my morning, I deserved it! 

It was a beautiful 50 degrees outside and I really wanted to get under 41 minutes for my Akron Relay split. There were tons of people out, but I still managed a 40:58 4.8 mile split. So awesome!! It was really a great way to start the training week! 

Tuesday was the first WARM day of the year. It was close to 70 degrees and I packed for 50. Oh well, got a great sweat on! There were even more people out running and it was a great sight to see! I learned during this run what it meant to run with your heart when your legs want to give up. My legs were really starting to feel running five days in a row. I finished strong and that's all that mattered!

Winter Storm Vulcan came through on Wednesday. While it didn't bring the snow they wanted, it did drop the temps down to 20 and brought the wind. Even though the temps have gone up, the wind has stayed around and it's been terrorizing my runs! 

The best part of Wednesday was that my Oiselle shorts came in!! I am so excited!! 

I have yet to try them out on an actual run because of the weather, but I've been wearing them around the house everyday. I am in love! 

I took an extra rest day on Friday to try to get my legs back. After work on Saturday I decided to brave the 20mph winds and go on a seven mile run. 

Let me tell you, 20mph winds down by three rivers is easily one of the dumbest things I have ever done! I was running sideways at one point. Let's also add the amount of drunk people around at 4pm, I just wanted to be done. 

Long run Sunday started later in the afternoon since it was freezing outside. I really just want to pack my winter running clothes away, but it is never going to happen. 

Cold weather always makes it hard for me to get moving. My good friend Gloria, who is training for her first half marathon, sent me some morning motivation! 

So right before I stepped out the door I decided to check my training plan. I thought I read 12 miles, but it was actually only seven!! Oh thank goodness! It was freezing and I was not in the mood to be out in it! 

Could not believe that I still averaged under a nine minute mile pace. Thanks to the two guys in front of me for the first three miles for the comfortable pace. It made the miles slightly more enjoyable. 

I got 25 miles in this week with a total for March of 55. I'm right on target of where I want to be. Let's hope this continues! 

How was your training week? Did the weather make you have to change your plans?


  1. Ha! I was dying on my Tuesday run because it was so warm & very comfortable yesterday because it was cool again. I much prefer cool temps...but not polar vortex so I'll be happy & won't complain once warm weather really sets in. I like your yellow socks/purple shoes combo.

  2. Aren't the Roga's amazing!?!? So comfy and the fit is awesome!

    I still think you should go for 1:50-1:55 at Pgh 1/2 :)))))