Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

Week seven. When did it become week seven of training? Next week is April. APRIL!! Getting closer to the big day is exciting and terrifying to me. I know I can run the distance, but I really want to make myself proud.

This weeks training was focused on recovery and progress. I have decided early on in my training I would not be tapering during this training. I never feel good while tapering and decided to give it a shot. 

I really love finding Monday Motivation to really push the week. 

I had plans on Tuesday so my rest day became a run day. No problem. I decided to jump on the treadmill for my three miles. What happened was something pretty awesome, I went fast. 

I've said it here before, I am a terrible treadmill runner. I can only run for about six miles and about a 9:40 pace. Not sure why, but my attention span cannot handle it. 

This shocked me. Really shocked me. Alright, let's build on this! 

Tuesday was yoga. Another hour of yoga. I'm slowly getting better but it's still not pretty. I decided to start integrating some stability balls into some of the poses to add a little something. Of course, I love my Pro Compression socks for recovery on rest day!

Abby posted a link on her blog to an awesome event! The Rock and Roll Marathon Series is hosting a virtual 5K to kick off registration for their Las Vegas run. All you have to do is run a 5K and submit the picture of your watch or treadmill time. That's it! I needed a March race, so Wednesday was going to be the day! 

Again, another fast treadmill 5K!! I made sure I did it in a progression. Every half mile, up the speed. I felt great! 

Thursday was track day. I talked to Coach Jeff and he suggested the times I should hit for my miles repeating. He wanted me to have a warmup mile around 9:40 then three miles between 8:20-8:30. Alright. Got it. He told me I would be pleasantly surprised with myself. 

Well, in typical me fashion, things didn't turn out that way. My warmup lap, which I felt like I was crawling, was 8:41. Oops. Well, gage your next mile from that. Just a slight but quicker. A slight bit quicker ended up with three awesome miles (7:41, 7:40, 7:47). 

Seriously, shocked! I haven't clocked a sub-8 mile in well over a year and a half! Well, minus the Liberty Mile when I only had to run one. It's been a pretty awesome week already! 

Friday was date night! My husband leaves for Louisiana next week to visit some friends, so we decided to go out for some pizza and catch up on life. It was nice! He had the stomach bug last week and it was nice to see him back to himself again. 

Saturday was supposed to be an outside run. Cue the downpour and 20mph winds. Not going to happen when I have a treadmill in the basement. I wanted to take it easy. My IT Band has been a little tight and I didn't want to risk it. Simple run. Felt good, moving along. 

Sunday, I woke up to snow. REALLY!?! Tuesday is April! All I had planned for Sunday was a run anyways, I had no problem with waiting until later in the day to get the miles in. 

Well, it was still cold and I am a total wimp. I was taking my Monday Motivation to heart. I was getting on that treadmill and I was going to run 10 miles. 

Let's go back a few paragraphs, I have never ran more than 6 miles on the treadmill! Today seemed like a good day to try! 

I wanted to be held accountable for my mileage, so I went to twitter. I posted every 2.5 miles my progress, then I upped the speed. I have to be honest, when I hit the 6.3 mark I knew I could do it. Running on the treadmill is all mental. That was my mental barrier to break through. 

It was about that time that Dangle got bored with me and left me. 

When I got to mile eight I felt pretty good, plus my pace was pretty good too. Mile nine came and I just cranked it up. Wanted to simulate how I would feel race day! 

My twitter feed filled with well wishes and words of encouragement. It was amazing and I am so greatful! 

And then it happened. 10 miles showed on the display. I quick hit the stop button and wanted the throw up. I just cannot believe that I ran 10 miles on the treadmill! This was easily the best way I could have ended this week of progress. 

Plus I finished my FitFluential March Miles challenge!! 100 miles in March. I'll raise you 102.8!!! Plus I still have a run tomorrow to round out the month. I love using Runkeeper for days like today, to reflect from one month to another. 

It shows that hardwork pays off. I'm healthy (yay!) fitter and faster than a month ago. I am also mentally stronger. I feel amazing!

My relay teammate, and just generally awesome Sarah posted earlier this week how she is going to stay consistent with her posts on her blog. Since I've had a bit more to say, I figure I would follow suit! 

Tuesday - General Blog Post. This could be a giveaway, product review or just some general awesomeness. Duh. 

Friday - Five Things Friday. Simple enough! 

Sunday - Training Review. I really love getting all of your feedback! I also enjoy reflecting on my week. Trust me, I read all of your training's too! 

Check back on Tuesday for a really awesome review and giveaway! Hint: there are pictures of what the giveaway will be in this post!  

When do you start feeling the nerves for a big race? 

What was your big achievement this week?


  1. Looks like you had a great week, keep it up and I think your going to do amazing race day

  2. Great week of training! Congrats on the speedy track workout, and the new treadmill distance record!

  3. Outstanding work this week, the speed times are awesome! To answer your questions at the end of the post: (A) Pittsburgh is my first full marathon, so I started feeling nerves the moment I signed up, and it is growing as the taper period grows closer. (B) This week was my first 50 mile week ever, which was a big challenge but feels good to have completed it.