Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Recovery With KT Tape and GIVEAWAY!!

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About a month before my first full marathon back in May, I started having awful pain in the bottom of my foot. Not in the arch or the heel, but right below my big toe. It was crippling. I made sure during my taper that I would wrap and ice my foot every night, and stay off of it as much as possible.

When the day came to run the Pittsburgh Marathon, I felt great and didn’t have a thought in my mind about my foot. Well, that was until around mile 19. I had the worst pain in my foot, and to make matters worse, it was all downhill to the finish. I wanted to cry because I did so much training for an absolutely awful outcome.

I took my shoe off and my foot was huge. I have never seen the bottom of a foot be black and blue. I decided to see the doctor. After a quick MRI, they said I bruised my sesamoids. I needed to take a week or two off, ice and compress. I was also told it was going to come back.

I went almost eight months without the pain coming back, and it came back with a vengeance right around the Goofy Challenge.

When we were down at the expo for the Disney race weekend, I decided to check out the KT Tape booth. I have heard wonderful things about the product, and I really just needed a little something to help hold everything together. My husband has flat feet and wanted to try to get his foot taped as well.

KT Tape is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. There are two different types, Cotton and Synthetic. Cotton is recommended for 1-3 days of wear, where as the Synthetic can be kept on for almost a week!  They come in a ton of fun colors and can be purchased pretty much anywhere.

The people working were SUPER nice and showed me how to tape myself up when I got home. I got off the table and instantly felt better. I’m not kidding, relief was instant. I picked up a roll for myself and returned to my room. We watched the instruction videos online, which were super easy to follow, and hubby even taped up his own knee for the event.

The tape lasted through both of my races. Even through a celebration jump in the pool after the half marathon. I had zero problems with it through the full the next day. It was also nice too because the area was not bulky, so I didn’t have to worry about adjusting my shoes on race day.

When I got home, my foot really started the flair up. I decided to take a week off again. When I got back in to real running, I made sure I taped up my foot. Here are the steps I take to help with my sesamoids pain. You may need to adjust it to feel, but this is the way it works best for me.

Step 1: Fold one piece of KT Tape in half and cut it, making sure the edges are rounded. I cut one side a little lower since it will cover my toes. Make sure the area is really dry so the KT Tape will stick.

Step 2: Rip the paper on the back of the KT Tape at about the halfway point. Line up the tape about an inch from the bottom of the big toe. Stretch the tape as much as possible through the bottom of the foot.

Step 3: Peel the rest of the paper off the KT Tape and loosely place the tape on the top of the foot. Take the paper you ripped off and rub the tape so it makes good contact with the skin.

Step 4: Take the second piece of KT Tape and repeat step two, but place the second piece of KT Tape about halfway between the first piece of KT Tape. The repeat step three.

Step 5: Take a piece of the cotton KT Tape and wrap the area for extra support.

I was so happy to FINALLY find something to help ease the pain and will recommend KT Tape to anyone.

Especially my readers!

KT Tape wants you all to feel the relief you deserve! If you have ever wanted to try KT Tape now is your chance! KT Tape has given me the opportunity to have TWO of my readers win a roll of KT Tape Pro in any of the colors they offer!!

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter contest below! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. These views are mine and mine alone. KT Tape provided the giveaway for me and will be responsible for distributing the prizes.

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  1. My knees! Nothing has supported them or my ankles better on tougher runs.

  2. I'd definitely like to see if it helps my aching hammies :D

  3. I'd love to use it for a knee problem I am having.

  4. I used KT tape for my shin in the past, it's great.

  5. I had an accessory navicular removed after it was nagging my PTT all last summer. I haven't gotten back to running quite yet, but when I do, my arch and PTT is going to need some extra support!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  6. My right knee has started to feel tight during long runs so I would love to try KT tape on that. I'm so happy it helped you so much!!

  7. I would definitely try this on my knee! Seems to come and go with pain and hard to deal with! I've always wanted to try this stuff!

  8. Used it on my foot, ankle, and shoulders in the past. Will use it on anything else that I need in the future.

  9. I like to use KT Tape to help with shin splints. It really helps!

  10. I've used it exclusively for my knees so far and it's been great; lately I've been having similar problem with my right foot as what you described and i'm gonna try out your method!

  11. I'm training for my first marathon and I'm 53. Better late than never I keep saying to myself. However and old ACL injury and plantar fasciitis are plaguing me a bit but I'm determined to keep on running....

  12. I use KT Tape for Posterior tibial tendinitis. It has been a life saver and allows me to keep running!

  13. I use KT tape for my achilles.

  14. Helped me get past a case of peroneal tendonitis and their customer service cannot be beat! Love this company!

  15. I have lots of problems with my ankles, KT tape has made a big difference for me!

  16. I used KT Tape tonight in my kickboxing class. I was volunteering today and on my feet for 5 hours. This evening I noticed some pain in my knees. As soon as my kickboxing class began, I had shooting pain in both of my knees. Because I am an avid tennis player I ALWAYS have KT tape in my bag. I taped up both my knees and went back out and finished the class with little discomfort. Power lunges were not a good idea, but I could lunge as soon as I taped up.

  17. I love this stuff. I use it for my posterior tibial tendonitis when ever I do a lot of running.

  18. Sounds like what is going on with my foot. Saw the ortho. Clear xray. 2 weeks in a boot then I was fine. But its coming back. I'll avoid the mri for now (don't want a boot again!) I will try the tape for now. I don't run, I play roller derby!

    1. Oh and I already use kenesiology tape on my wrist. I prefer mueller brand. It sticks the best for me.