Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Things Friday 4.11

Happy Friday!! If you are having the same type of week that I am, everyday has felt like Monday, and that's so not cool.

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Alright, the task at hand, five things from this week! 

1. I'm sure the entire city of Pittsburgh is still a little shook up about the Franklin Regional stabbing incident. Swift actions taken by everyone involved lead to the arrest of the student and no lives lost! 

2. As I've said in past post, I love professional wrestling. The loss of the Ultimate Warrior is a huge shock. Also, the childish behavior by Nancy Grace makes me sick. She needs to be off of television for good. 

3. We bought fresh fruit this week and I'm super excited! 

4. Spring is finally here which is also bringing my allergies back. Ugh. 

5. Yesterday at work one of the people I work with brought me a milkshake to help me feel better. It's the little things =)

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend!! 

Do you suffer with allergies? How does it affect your training? 

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