Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Things Friday 4.18

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful week! 

I should give a big hello to all my new readers! Since my I'm Fit Possible ambassador announcement, I've seen a growth in visitors! 

With the Pittsburgh marathon a mere two weeks away, this Five Things Friday are some little hints of things to expect during those 26.2 miles. 

1. Hit the expo early. With over 30,000 runners participating in all the weekend activities, the expo gets a little crowded. If you can go on Friday, I highly recommend it! You will have your choice of merch and will have time to actually enjoy everything. 

2. Be aware of relay exchange areas. The fun part about Pittsburgh is that there are three races going on at once. The relay teams exchange on the left side of the road. When you start seeing signs for the relay exchange, stay to the right. You do not want to be caugh up in that mess! 

3. Mentally prepare for the half/full split. This is the tip I wish I got. The amount of people running the half to the full is staggering. I was not prepared to lose more than half of the runners at the split in the South Side. Suddenly there was room to breathe, but I also started feeling very alone. Be ready for it. 

4. Feed off the energy. There are spectators all along the course. I can't tell you an area where there wasn't people. There are bands, cheer sections and just people in general everywhere. It's pretty cool. Read the signs, give high fives, take oranges from little kids. They are there for you, use it. 

5. Free beer!! Around mile 23-24 is when you pass Church Brew Works. They hand out beer. TAKE THE BEER! After so many miles of water and Gatorade, beer was the most amazing thing. Plus it's carbs, which you will need around that time. 

Remember, these are tips I wish people told me about. There are always more, but you need to run your own race! 

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and have a Happy Easter!! 

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  1. Yes, the splits are the worst for me. Seeing everyone else turn off is tough. Knowing it is coming helps.