Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Things Friday 4.25

Well hello again! This week has been flying by! So much so that I thought yesterday was Wednesday! 

So next week is the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and I'm pretty excited, if you couldn't tell. I have goals in my head, but my head won't keep me accountable. 

So for this weeks Five Things Friday, I decided to share my goals with my little piece of the internet! 

Sounds simple enough, but no one can predict what happens on race day. I've worked too hard to not get that medal. Even if I have to crawl across that finish line, I will finish! 

2. Sub 2-hours. 
Is this completely realistic, yes. Am I over confident, maybe. In fact, I haven't done a healthy half marathon since last June, and that wasn't even a sub 2 (2:03). Hitting a sub 2 would be huge!

3. 1:54-1:56
Through all the training, this seems to be the bracket of where I should fall. I'm in a fast enough corral that I shouldn't be slowed down in the early miles. This will allow me to ease into my goal pace early and stay there for the 13.1 miles. This is the time frame I have had in my mind since the start of training. 

4. Sub 1:50
A shiny new PR would be awesome! Who wouldn't want one? When I set my PR back in 2012 (1:51), I was doing a lot more tempo and speed workouts. I was also running on a dislocated hip for a few weeks. Once I got healthy, the speed only increased. I haven't felt that kind of speed since. I would love to break my PR  in Pittsburgh, and I guess it is still possible. If I don't hit it, I won't be upset. Just a nice goal to have. 

5. Have a blast! 
This should have probably been goal number one. I am so excited to meet up with some old and new friends! I've had so much fun connecting with everyone through social media! I can't wait to finally put faces to twitter handles and reunite with my Akron Relay team! I cannot wait to cheer everyone on and celebrate with the newest Runners of Steel!!

Do you set multiple goals for a race? What is your top priority?

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  1. I can't believe it's next weekend! I'm so excited! Best of luck to you!