Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Things Friday 4.4

Happy one month until the Pittsburgh Marathon!!! I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about the half this year than running the full last year.

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March was a pretty awesome month for me, training wise. So this weeks Five Things Friday are five things that came out of the month of March!

1. 100 miles! To be technical, 102.8 - but who's counting. I owe so much of the motivation to do this to the FitFluential March Miles challenge. If you're on Twitter or Instagram look up #ffmarchmiles and prepare to be inspired.  This was my first 100 miles in a month in 2014 and they felt great!

2. The return of Track Tuesday. I really love track workouts. More so because I raced on a cinder track in high school. To get to go out on an all-weather track and not be covered in dust is pretty awesome. Seeing the results carry over to my mileage runs is pretty awesome!

3. Injury free!!! The probably should have been number one. This is the first month this year I have been able to complete my training the way it was written! I more than doubled my mileage from February and felt great doing it. 

4. Yoga. While I will NEVER claim to be a yoga master, I am getting better! I am not flexible at all, but I am noticing some of the stretches are getting easier. Progress people, progress. 

5. Conquering the treadmill!! I feel like I am allowed to say this now! I ran almost an entire week on the treadmill. I did a virtual 5k and a 10 mile run on it! If you would have told me four months ago that I would have done 10 miles on the treadmill I would have laughed in your face. Mind over matter is truly the name of the game! 

I hope everyone had a great week! Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!!

What were your big March achievements? 


  1. All are awesome! Congrats on the (injury free!) 100!!!

  2. Nice treadmill run! When you know you're gonna be there for a while, it's all mental. Nice job. I used to do yoga all the time, but all his training has forced me to sacrifice my yoga (for now). I look forward to getting back into it.

  3. Yay! Sounds like a great month! The Pittsburgh half IS so much more fun that the full. :)

    Here's to an even better April!

  4. My big March achievement was my first ever 20 mile run (and then a second one). The first one felt amazing, like so good that I wish that was race day and I could have just gone the extra 6.2. The second one had a tougher schedule in the days before it, and was so unbelievably hard.