Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Out and About Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend

It's race week!!! I've been more than a little excited and unable to focus! There is so much to do, and so many miles to dominate!

There are also so many people to meet!! I love how much I have been able to connect with people who are also running the races this weekend. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can! 

With there being so much going on, I decided to map out my plans for the events. That way, if you are around, let's meet, take some selfies and wish each other the best of luck!  


In the spirit of taking my own advice, I will be attending the Expo Friday afternoon. I will be meeting up with almost my entire Akron Relay team, minus Lauren because she's a rockstar and is traveling the farthest. Sarah and Matthew will be coming in and Jeff will be joining us after work. I also FINALLY get to meet Chelsea which is kinda funny because we live the closest to each other. 


Apparently the 5K starts on the North Shore this year. Leave it to me to look at the course map yesterday. It seems that there are tons of people running the 5K! I'm super excited to finally meet Kristy Chelsey and Mar. If you are running the race, look for me! I will be the girl in the #runchat socks! 

After the 5K, we will be heading back to the expo to meet up with Lauren and relive her awesome Big Sur experience. Did I mention Lauren ran Big Sur last weekend and is doing Pittsburgh this weekend? I told you, Rockstar!! 


Usually on race morning I wake up, eat and try to relax. Hubby will be dropping me and Gloria off downtown around 6am. I hang out and get ready in Market Square. This is where I hope to see the majority of you guys! 

I'm in corral B and have my Twitter/Instagram on my bib (sas_rubel). I will warn you, I do not pay attention. If you see me, say hello!! 

After the race I will be around all day. I will be watching the marathon around mile 24 waiting for Lauren and Jeff to finish. Once they finish, we will again take tons of selfies and eat a ton of food! 

I really hope to meet as many of you guys as I can! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me! I'm super excited for this race! 

Will we be crossing paths at all this weekend? What is your favorite non-race part of a race weekend? 


  1. I'll be in Corral B as well, hopefully getting there 6am-ish, depending on how well I navigate public transportation. I might be in my own little introverted world before the start, but if I see you I'll say hi. I'll be wearing a blue Niagara University Women's Basketball toss-away jacket. I put pics of my outfit in a post today.

    If I don't see you, good luck on your race! It has been great reading about it.

    1. I will look for you too! And best of luck as well!!

  2. I will be down the expo right after work around 5 on Friday. I also will be around market square warming up race morning.. Hopefully we run into each other

  3. I'll DM you my cell number on Twitter at some point, so we can be sure to meet up before the 5K! What part of town do you live in?

    1. I'm in the north hills. Yes! DM me! I'm going real slow at the 5K so I will actually have my phone!

  4. I'll see you before the race but I'll be holding it down in Corral D :-) How are you putting your Twitter handle on your bib? I've always wanted to do something like that but haven't figured out how. Can't wait to reunite in Pittsburgh!!!!

  5. I'm running the 5K and will look for you! If I don't see you then, I'll look out for you to congratulate you in the finish line chute, where I'll be volunteering. Good luck!

  6. I'm running the full for the first time and will apparently neighbors with Sarah in Corral D...I AM A SNAIL...If they had an E I would be there!!!! LOL