Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week Eight

Happy Wrestlemania day everyone!! Flashback to my 39 random questions post, I have always loved profession wrestling. True story. Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl of the WWE. If you need to be excited, check this out.

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This weeks theme was tempo. I only had four workouts planned this week, so there was no better time! My Monday Motivation would be tested for sure!

Monday was rest day, and I lived in my compression gear. I wanted to feel fresh for my track workout on Tuesday. 

Tuesday's track workout was another round of 800x6. This was not easy. While it was beautiful outside, the wind was not my friend. As soon as I hit the first straightaway I got stood up by the wind. Still, consistansy is the name of the game! (3:22 3:30 3:33 3:33 3:30 3:32)

Wednesday I was going to do my 4.8 mile relay leg. It's been a few weeks since I had done it, and I was curious. Another beautiful day and not nearly as windy. 

I felt really good on my first mile. So good, in fact, that I clocked a sub 8:10 first mile. Ugh oh. I went out really fast. My next three miles were just about the same, around 8:25-8:30. Then it happened, I believe I found a second wind! My final mile was sub 7:20. NOT KIDDING!! My relay leg clocked 39:47!! What the heck!! 

My IT Band was a little tight after the quick run, so Thursday was spent foam rolling and relaxing to the pouring down rain. I also ordered my top for the race!! 

I had Friday off from work, so after me and Dangle woke up, I had to hit the treadmill. 

Really simple four miles. Nothing crazy. 

I was super excited because I was heading up to Slippery Rock to see one of my best friends run. She was trying to qualify for the conference meet in the 800, she has already qualified in the Steeple. 

It poured. I am a great friend. She qualified and did a great job!! 

Saturday was my final rest day for the week. I actually relaxed! Met up with a few friends to watch the Final Four and just relaxed! 

Sunday was long run, like usual.  I had 10 miles planned. The morning started out a little rough, cat woke me up crazy early and I couldn't get moving. 

I finally got dressed, taped up my foot and started on my travels. I wanted to test out running in my race shorts with a gel. Zero problems at all, a good start. 

Then it was all downhill from there. 

When I started on my run, my foot was really bothering me. I noticed it and my big toe was starting to go numb. I finished a mile and found a rock. I took off my KT Tape and relaced my shoe. My toe was numb for a little over three miles. It's all I could focus on! 

I always forget that the Pirates play Sunday afternoon games. Well, I kinda forgot the season started. I run right past the stadium and it is crowded! Weaving through people, bikes everywhere and just being generally annoyed. Let's also add I got bit by a bug. 

When I got to my seven mile water stop, I threw in the towel. I was done. I can reflect that I had a great average pace, and had a 20 mile week with four runs. 

I also hit 250 miles for the year! Not quite on track for the 1,111 goal for the year, but I'm not concerned. 

To be honest, I haven't even looked at my training for next week. The weather looks great, and I know I'm cheering on a friend running a 10K. 

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How do you shake off a bad run? 


  1. Looks like another really good workout in the book, congrats

  2. Great workout, and "test leg" for the relay! I hate running downtown when there are sporting events. Drunk ppl, smokers, and people that don't care to get out of your way. Grr.

  3. I'm inexperienced enough to really only have one truly awful bad bad run ever, my second 20 miler. Technically from a performance perspective, I went exactly the speed I wanted, but it was just so mentally exhausting, the effort beat me down so hard. I'm not sure I have actually shaken it off yet, close to two weeks later. I added extra rest in the days following it, but it was a full week before my legs felt even close to fresh. I wish I had a better "rebound" story for you, but I'm still a work in progress.