Monday, April 21, 2014

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Week Ten

First off, sorry for being a day late! I did not want to bombard you guys with two posts in one day! I want to wish the best of luck to Dani, Kelly and blogless Julie on running Boston today! You guys are an inspiration! I'm wearing my race shirt for you guys today! 

So week ten of training brought about a new challenge. This week, I wanted to work on confidence. This is something I struggle with. I know I can run this distance, but I need to be confident in the training. That I am doing everything I can.

Monday was rest day, like usual. Monday's Motivation was really key this week.

Tuesday was a day of reflection. It seems like everyone remembers where they were when they found out about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I was at work. A friend of mine sent me a link to a news story. I wanted to puke and I started to cry. I could not believe that someone had attacked my amazing community. The other thought in my head, I'm running my first marathon three weeks later. This is supposed to be a carefree time for me, but now my mind is racing.

I really had no want to run this day. I was exhausted with emotion and still wasn't feeling 100% from my allergies. Let's also add, it was snowing. Then I thought about those people who were out just to cheer on those runners, and how they had their entire lives changed in an instant. I can get on that treadmill for 4 miles and run for them.

Wednesday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. I got out of work and made a quick decision to switch my five mile run out for a seven. I really needed the extra miles, for my confidence.

I didn't want to look at my watch, I just wanted to feel how the miles would go. I did the first three miles then decided to do something. I picked up my race packet for Saturday's 5K. I was running right past PNC Park, why not stop? I shoved my number and chip in my Flipbelt (review on Wednesday) and wore the shirt.

I waited for my watch to tell me I had made it four miles, then decided to turn around. There were more people showing up along the North Shore with an evening Pirates game. When I got back to my car, I stopped my watch and saw a sub-1 hour time for seven miles. Wait, what? Really? It turned out I ran two sub-8 minute miles (mile four and mile seven) and didn't even realize it! I clocked my relay split at 39:40.

Confidence = boosted.

Thursday was another rest day, but something awesome happened, MY RACE NUMBER WAS EMAILED TO ME!! I got the email while at work, and I may have jumped up and down. It makes it that much more real once you can actually see the number you will be wearing race day. I also saw that I will be in corral B. Last year I was in corral C so I was really happy to see that!

Friday was deceptively warm. I went out for a six mile run, that was supposed to be easy. Again, I had a 5K to run on Saturday. I was not hydrated enough for how warm it was. By mile 5 I was ready to be done. When I got back to my car and saw I still had a really nice pace, I'm not gonna lie, I was shocked. Maybe I should have more confidence in myself. I seem to be doing really well! I also hit the 200 mile mark on these shoes!! I have my next pair already on order!

Saturday was the Pittsburgh Pirates 5K Home Run. I'm not going to repeat what I have already posted, except that I BROKE MY 5K PR!!!! You can read all about my race here!

Sunday was my last scheduled "long" run. I use the quoted because a long run for half marathoners is usually about 10-12 miles. I was hoping for 14-15. My foot has good days and bad days. I was hoping to keep a slower, comfortable pace and that my foot would hold up.

I made it to North Park and I was sweating in a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I started on my way. Not even a mile in to the run I see someone I went to High School with. While this is normal for some people, we both grew up in a tiny town in Eastern Pa. and ended up in Pittsburgh. That was fun!

It was getting warmer so I decided to stop every 2.5 miles for water. The loop at North Park is 5 miles so I would stop half way and then back at my car. By the time I got to my car, I was drenched in sweat. Here is a out of your comfort zone moment, I decided to run in a sports bra. I'm not one for doing this, but I felt like I was drowning.

Started the second loop and everything felt alright. Very comfortable pace. When I got to the halfway around water stop, I could feel my foot throbbing. Coach Jeff always says that it is better to get to the start line healthy rather than pushing through the pain. I made the decision there to finish my run at 10 miles.

Yes, the pace is wrong, Fitsnap was working on fixing it!

When I got home, I went back through my training logs. I noticed I have had five 10 mile long runs and a 12 miler. So, out of 10 weeks, I've had six double digit runs. The last half marathon training I did, Runners World Half, I had two.

Overall, I had a 30 mile week and a brand new 5K PR!! I will work on my foot, like usual, and use the next two weeks to get ready for the race. I don't think I could have had a better confidence building week than I did.

How do you like the build up confidence? How do you help others when they need a little confidence boost?


  1. Wow. Congrats on your rockstar corral placement.

  2. Nice week to gain some confidence... I think being confident is huge on race day. I was just saying on my blog I felt arrogant because of my confidence I have gained

    1. If you can back it up, it isn't arrogance! I'm sure that you will be able to! I'm going to have to learn some trick from you before Columbus!

  3. You've had a great training cycle, and like I said before, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with your HM time. While I think pacing is smart for a lot of people, I think you should definitely at some point, just for it, and run by feel. :)