Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Things Friday 5.2

Happy race weekend Runners of Steel!!! I hope to see a ton of you this weekend! If you will be around the expo/races this weekend, make sure you try an connect with me!

Personal note, today is the one year anniversary of getting my braces off!! I cannot express how amazing it was to get those things off, especially being in my mid-20s. Plus my teeth are freaking gorgeous! 

I'm trying to contain my excitement for this weekend, so here are five article I have found this week to aid in some distraction! 

1 Lauren Fleshman is my homegirl!!! Plus she is the cover girl for June's Runners World magazine. Oiselle is awesome in celebrating this achievement! Check it out here

2. I'm a big fan of 90s music. A friend of mine found a video on YouTube of misheard 90s song lyrics. Some are actually quite believable! You can watch it here

3. A fellow I'm Fit Possible ambassador, Julie, challenges us all to wear shorts this summer! She shared a few exercises to be confident in those legs!

4. Kim over at This Runners Fuel shared every marathoners fear, can I actually run 26.2 miles? She shares that even though it has been done before, every race is different! I'm super excited to meet her this weekend! Make sure you show her some support as she tackles Pittsburgh for the second time!! 

5. Megan over at Running Toward the Prize shared 11 different runners perspective on running a marathon. It's really cool to read posts like this to reassure you that you are not alone in training. We all have things that we wish we have done differently the first time. Learn from them and have the best race ever!

I'm super excited about the Expo is opening this afternoon. My friend is showing up in a few hours and I will be going for my first round of awesomeness. Hope to see you guys around! Best of luck to everyone who is racing this weekend!! 


  1. You do have gorgeous teeth! And a fantastic smile :) Have fun and run fast this weekend!

    1. They were worth every penny! Thanks so much =)

  2. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Good to meet you today! Good luck tomorrow& I hope to see you at the finish line!