Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Things Friday 5.30

Happy almost June everyone!! Remember, I'm still hosting a giveaway for a copy of Yoga + Creativity! You can enter here.

So, here are your weekly five things to really get you thinking. 

1. Oiselle posted a picture of the second place winning Team USA 4 x 15 lap team and photoshoped each of their sponsors logo on the uniforms. USA Track and Field made Oiselle remove the photo. Here is the link to the Runners World article. 

2. Ever wonder how much a Disney Princess is worth? Check out what E! figured out here

3. The San Francisco Marathon is offering free race photos! How cool is that!

4. Run Disney announced earlier this week a new race out in California. A Star Wars themed race. This might be on the list to run one day, so I could rock some buns. 

5. The Pre Classic is this weekend. I already have my DVR set for the air times on NBCSN. I love getting to watch track on tv!!! 

Hopefully everyone has had a great week! I'll be catching up with you soon!! 

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