Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life Between Training Plans

So I’m in an interesting situation right now. I am not in training. I will not start marathon training until the week of June 30. Within this time, I will be running a half marathon. It won’t be for speed. Just to get a feel of warm weather racing.

I have been in constant training since last August. Not being involved in a training plan right now seems odd. I have been thinking for the past few weeks how I can stay motivated to keep my miles and fitness at a high level.

So what else would a blogger do than put those plans on the internet, right?

Mileage: I am keeping my mileage up. I will run four to five days a week including long runs and track workouts. I will run at least 20 miles a week, I promise. My long runs will be double digits, ranging from 10-15 miles. I want to be ready for the miles in marathon training. This will be my third time doing this, I know what to expect and those miles are legit!

Yoga: I am still trying to get better at yoga. I really am. I can notice a little difference in my flexibility and I’m really enjoying yoga. Through my ambassador program with I’m Fit Possible, I’ve had the opportunity to review the e-book Yoga + Creativity. It has really motivated me to improve my Yoga. The review will be up next week!

Hand Held Water Bottle: I’ve talked about it, but I am actually doing it. I have been training with a hand held water bottle. After the first few times, I haven’t had any issues. I love being able to have water with me, and with the pouch I can carry chews with me too. No need to stop at my car. With marathon training through the summer, I want to stay healthy and that means staying hydrated. Plus, it has given me an excuse to buy TONS more Nuun.

Strength: I am not the upper body strength type of person. I know I need to work on it. So why not take the opportunity to do it now! I have committed to it, found some easy workout on Pinterest and I’m buying some tiny dumbbells. Progress people.

BLOGGING: I really like blogging! I like being able to share experiences and things I love with you guys. So that is what I am going to do. I hope to bring some new “original content” to the blog for you guys. You know, get the creative juices flowing.

Diet: This does not mean go on a diet. I am tiny, I don’t need to lose any weight. I am an extremely picky eater. I need to get some healthier food in to my diet. While I am not looking forward to this, I need to give it a shot. Any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

So that’s it. I am very excited for these few weeks off to try and expand myself. If I can build myself up during these few weeks of non-training I should be pretty strong for marathon training. I’m asking you guys to keep me accountable. I know you will!

What do you do between training plans to keep yourself motivated? Any tips?


  1. Don't judge the small dumbell size. As a 6'4" man, people in a gym would judge me to death knowing I do most of my dumbell work with 5 pounders, so I don't go to the gym, I do it at home. I also do body weight exercises which bring higher weight to bear, but I do tons of reps of a variety of moves holding small (for my size) dumbells. I find it builds lean strength rather than mass, which suits me fine.

    1. Thanks for this! I'm pretty weak so I figure anything will help!

  2. I usually plan races so I am always training... Even though I have time for Columbus i will still run a half before then plus numerous 5 and 10k's.. So I use this time to try and get a new PR.

    1. That's a really good idea! I have a half in June, but I'm just gonna take my time and use it as a training run

  3. Which half are you doing?

    I hate being in limbo, which is why I just sign up for something else. :)

    1. Peace Love Run out at North Park on June 22. It's my birthday weekend! I always like to race for my birthday =)