Monday, May 5, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend: Day 1 - The Expo

Hello everyone! I have to admit, I’ve been really excited to write these posts. Pittsburgh Marathon weekend was an absolutely amazing weekend. I met so many people, gave so many hugs, took a ton of pictures and of course ran 16.2 miles.

The start of the weekend was Friday at the expo. I knew I wanted to go early to get my numbers/packets/shirts early, but apparently half of the participants thought the same thing. Anyway. Gloria picked me up and we headed down around noon. We had to park crazy far away, like almost two miles away, and had to navigate downtown around lunch time. We were really excited to finally make it to the expo.

Gloria was running her first half, so we picked our half bibs first. Then I had to get my 5K bib. Let’s just say, it caused quite a laugh. As I said before, I am quite a tiny person. My shirt size for the 5K was labeled at XXL. Uhh, have you seen me? The lady giving me the bib laughed uncontrollable and said “Sweetie don’t you worry, I got you.” She then preceded to hand me a small. I told Gloria the story and she laughed along with me.

We then went through the Dicks Sporting Goods official merch area, and I got a cute shirt. After that we headed right to the packet/bag pickup area. After we got that all we were on the hunt! I needed a hand held water bottle. My marathon training starts the last week of June and would really need one. Gloria was on the hunt for new capris.

We both found what we were looking for, and then we could relax and enjoy the expo. I signed up for the Great Race, finally, and got some watermelon Nuun. I got to talking with the super nice lady who was working the Nuun stand. She was wearing a Nike Women’s Half DC necklace and we talked about that and how much I LOVE NUUN! She handed me a Nuun water bottle for being so awesome. SWEET!!

So as we are in line to buy said Nuun, I turn around and Mizuno has a table. GEEKING OUT! I saw the pastel color Wave Sayonara and started talking to the guy about shoes. He thanked me for being an awesome Mizuno lover and handed me another water bottle! YES!!!

We decided our expo fun was over for the afternoon. She dropped me off at  home then I proceeded to head up the road to the Oakmont Bakery to get doughnuts for our Post 5K celebration Saturday morning.

Jeff and Chelsea were heading to the expo after work, and Sarah and Matthew were coming in to town around 6ish. I headed back down to the expo to meet up with all of them. Jeff was getting taped up and I found him in line. We screamed and hugged, and then I FINALLY met Chelsea. Again, screamed and hugged. We were instantly friends. It was awesome.

So me and Chelsea lost Jeff at some point, and we decided to sign up for the Liberty Mile. I love this race and was pumped it was so cheap! Chelsea also signed up for the Great Race and we proceeded to walk around. Then Chelsea met a guy at a stand and instantly he was her new “boyfriend”. She must have gotten hit on for about 10 minutes. I had to walk away I was laughing so hard.

We heard from Sarah and Matt that they had made it and were picking up their numbers. We found the huge board with every participants name on it. I loved seeing this last year, super excited they did it again this year.

We found Sarah and Matthew and his friend and we all chatted and walked.

We found the Akron Marathon booth and chatted up with the super nice lady working the booth. We told her we were running the relay and we were Team Four Princesses and a Frog. The lady reached in her bag and pulled out #runAkron stickers for us. They had a post-it note on them with all our twitter names on it and our team name. LOST IT LAUGHING! It was awesome. We took pictures and told them we would be back with our final relay team member then next day.

At this point, it’s 7pm and I needed to eat dinner and go to bed. We parted ways for the evening and would see each other again in about 12 hours. It was an awesome day! 

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