Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Week That Was: May 12 - May 18

Well hello there! Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!! It's been quite the interesting week here, guess I should tell you all about it! 

So it started getting warmer here, like middle of July warm here. It looked as if we were going to get another year of straight to warm weather. I had two very sweaty runs early in the week. 

Then Mother Nature decided we needed to cool down. We got over three inches of rain dumped on us! Them temps went from close to 90 degrees on Tuesday to below 40 on Friday. It was crazy! During this time, I took some time for Yoga. I finally finished Yoga + Creativity, which the review will be pushed back a week because we have a chat about it! 

I also spent TONS of extra time at work. I have a wedding next weekend and I needed to make sure I worked out all the details as well. 

So my long run was on Sunday. I was meeting Coach Jeff. I told him I wanted to do more than 10 miles and he said we would run a new route, since ours was currently flooded. 

So I met Jeff and told him I wanted about a 10:30 pace. Of course, that didn't happen. No ones fault, we are just not used to that pace. It will take some time. 

So we started and about four miles in we got stopped by a train. I'm going to say that is when I noticed the pain in my hips. They felt like I was at mile 20 of a marathon. What the heck! We made it to mile seven and started our trek back. A little after mile eight I asked Jeff to stop so I could stretch. We walked a little then kept moving. A little after we hit mile nine, I couldn't do it anymore. Jeff could tell I was struggling. He ended up running ahead and met me later down the road. 

I couldn't handle not hitting 10 miles, so I decided to run a little to get to 10 miles. 

As I was talking to Jeff, I slowly realized that trying to run another half in four weeks is slightly stupid. I have three weddings coming up, when am I going to have the time to get in these runs? I decided I will be running the 5k instead. No point in hurting myself just to run another half. 

So, just under 20 miles this week. Not bad. Working on slower pace. I leave for the Lehigh Valley on Thursday until Sunday. I hope to get my long run in on Friday. Fingers crossed! 

Do you like warm weather running? How do you adapt to the change in seasons? 


  1. You know it's smart to listen to your body like that. Sometimes life makes running difficult, but learning to work around it is the key! Good week, doll.

    1. I'm finding it hard to transition from constant speed to distance. My body that is. It will take some time. Small steps =)

  2. IT was crazy hot here, but cooled a bit this weekend and is nice. I hate the HOT HOT runs.

    1. It's so hard to complain about the warm when it was so cold!

  3. I am weird the warm weather kills my breathing and makes my asthma act up like crazy but the hotter it is the better I run. I have always had my fastest times on really hot days