Sunday, June 22, 2014

Peace Love Run 5K - Recap

I love the Peace Love Run! This is the third year of the race and I have ran each one. The first year it was on my 25th birthday and, until this year, it was my 5K PR. Last year I ran the half marathon and had a really awesome time.

Since my recovery from the Pittsburgh Half was pretty awful, I decided to run the 5K this year. I have some amazing run friends and a bunch of them said they would run the race with me! 

Me and Gloria met Coach Jeff and Chelsea at North Park. I had to pick up my number and I saw my friend Amy from high school! I love getting to see her around the burgh. It's a nice reminder of home. She hasn't races a 5K in awhile and was excited. 

Then I FINALLY met Kim!! We ran to each other and screamed and hugged. It was wonderful! She is a super sweet person! We are both running Columbus and we are around the same average pace. It was so nice to finally meet her! I also saw Carrie down there who was getting back in to race shape after a knee injury. 

So last night I posted Flat Steff to Instagram and Natalie commented that she was running the half today! I made it my mission to meet another runner friend! We were standing cheering on the runners when I saw this adorable Oiselle wearing runner screaming "Hi Steff!! Hey honey that's my Instagram friend!" I then met her hubby and told him that it made my day that she said that! 

So we head over to the start line, the huge herd of us. We were trying to figure out paces and I knew I wanted to stay with Carrie. She was going to keep a solid pace until her knee yelled at her. 

So the first mile I stayed right behind her. Jeff was there cheering us on and snapping pictures. I decided right before the one mile mark I would leave Carrie. I felt really strong and wanted to see what I could do. First mile split: 7:14. 

So mile two had a turn around. Down and hill and then back up. I knew I had to slow down if I wanted any chance to have a good last mile. I was with this girl for awhile and she kept pushing harder when I got closer. Jeff noticed it too. She was starting to annoy me. I made sure I cheered on my friends who were coming to the turnaround. Second mile: 7:41. 

This is the moment I realized my watch was off. By about .10 of a mile, which is a lot in a 5k. I knew my splits wouldn't be right and I couldn't do the math fast enough.

I made the turn back to the finish line and I heard an Ace of Base song some on my iPod. I told myself I would finish before this song. Jeff is screaming for me to catch this girl, but she heard him too. She got away. Oh well. I'm still having an awesome race. Mile three: 7:34. 

I see Amy out of the corner of my eye for the final kick. She is pushing it! As she passed me I screamed for her to go. I was right behind her but she had something left that I didn't. I crossed the finish line, stopped my watch. Boom! 23:38!!! That is a new PR!!  

I saw Carrie finish not far behind me and Kim shortly there after. Natalie had started her final loop and she was looking great! I ran back to help Chelsea and Gloria finish strong. Jeff was running with Chelsea so I waited for Gloria. She finished great! 

I ended up placing 16th overall and second in my age group! The girl that I tried to catch won the under 20 age group which made me feel better. Amy got first in her age group and so did Kim! Carrie got third in our age group and Natalie finished her half sub-2!!

After the race, Gloria Chelsea Jeff and I ate brunch with celebration beers on the lake. It was beautiful and so nice to chat with everyone. 

I will always run this race. I love being able to close out, or start, a year of life with an awesome race. Thank you so much guys for racing with me! It was a highlight for sure! 


  1. Congrats on a new Pr and getting second in your age group.

  2. WOOHOO... congrats on the PR!

  3. Sounds like an awesome race! Also sounds like that girl should have thanked you--I bet you chasing her contributed at least partly to her getting her age group award!