Sunday, July 20, 2014

Columbus Marathon Training: Week Three

We are three months away from race day!!! When the folks at the Columbus Marathon posted that, I got a chill. Not even lying! I am really excited for this race!

This week was focusing on remembering the goal at hand. Not only finish a marathon, but to enjoy the journey!

This week, I had five workout totaling 31.3 miles. They included treadmill, rolling hills and flat miles. My July mileage is now 91.8 miles. 

As you can see from my treadmill workout, my Oiselle Flock racing singlet came!! It fits amazing and I am so excited to be able to wear it! 

During my long run, about mile five, I could feel what could be described as a blister popping on the bottom of my foot. Turns out, my foot was bleeding pretty bad. I had a rough toenail slice into the next toe. I've wrapped it all week and have still be able to run. It's almost healed by now. 

Besides hitting over 90 miles for the month, I did reach the 600 mile mark for the year. The past 100 miles have been fantastic. Having this goal of running another marathon has really helped to shape my training. 

I loved getting to included Panera Bread in my training this week. After my long run, hubby took me to get my FAVORITE food, Mac and Cheese!!! Plus I added a strawberry smoothie, because I earned it! He got the half turkey sandwich and broccoli and cheese soup. Totally aware these are not on the training menu, but hey, it was amazing!!

How did you take advantage of the nice weather this week? What is the next race you are running?


  1. I am glad to see someone is excited as I am for Columbus.. Looks like you had a very good week as well!! Keep it up and In 3 months we will kill that course

  2. What a great training week, except for that awful blister issue...I just hate when that happens! I am so impressed that the Akron marathon has partnered with Panera Bread for an "official" training menu...sheesh. One more reason to stop by Panera, as if I needed an excuse - ha! :) Great post! I'm getting ready for a 4-mile race in two weeks, but my first marathon will be toward the end of the year.