Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Things Friday 7.18

Hello people!! Happy Friday! Hopefully you got to go outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having. I know I have! 

You know the drill, here's five things from this week that I want to share!! 

1. I did not miss the PRO Compression grab bag sale this time! Three random calf sleeves for $33!! Heck yes!! 

2. Did you read the story about the woman who ran the Badwater race four times!? My brain cannot process this at all! 

3. Hubby sent me a really funny video of a dog and a cat with a bathtub. Seriously cracked up laughing! Here is the video. 

4. I am finalizing some really awesome 2015 race plans. I'm aware it isn't even the end of summer yet, but I'm super excited! 

5. If you are looking for some really awesome sales on Oiselle clothes, check out their sale page. Tons of deals going on right now plus you can use promo code HEATWAVE this weekend for extra savings!

So there is that! Good luck to anyone who is racing this weekend!! 

1 comment:

  1. I ended up with the Shamrock sleeves too! Plus the christmas ones and some black argyle. Pretty pleased!